Maddog’s Work…

For many years I’ve spoken of what I do.  Or at least what I like to do.  I fancy myself a lighting designer.  And most days I think I’m very good at it.  Of course where ever I go I seem to find drama but I think that’s par for the course for just being me.


While I was in a unnamed state several years ago, I designed Candide and Into the Woods.  The master electrician used his very small digital camera to record several moments in the show.  The director had a cow when he found out so they are listed as “unknown” theater productions.  But they are mine.  The quality is far from good and the sound is somewhat distorted and gives the impression that it’s not as good as it is.

Anyway.  Here are three links from the show.  The first is the overture to Candide.  The second is the finale of Candide.  And the third is one of my favorite designs ever.  I found a very simple solution of the big problem of making the witch disappear at the end of the scene.

I’m not fishing for compliments just wanted you guys to see what I do.



2 thoughts on “Maddog’s Work…

  1. Lemuel April 7, 2011 / 06:19

    Your samples show just how important [good] lighting is to a show. Our sensory experiences (vision and hearing) are as important as good acting and a good script to the success of a production. Sometimes they make or break a show. Thanks for sharing.

  2. catrina April 7, 2011 / 18:37

    I LOVED the finale…I was mesmerized 30 seconds in. Great ending!

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