Boxes, boxes, boxes.

I’m supposed to be working on my light plot.

I’m not.

I should be taking a shower, to get ready for bed.

But I’m not.

I should be paying bills.

But I’m not.

I should be washing the dishes.

But I’m not.

I should be putting things away in “my” bedroom.

But I’m not.

I should be turning down the volume on my computer.

But I’m not.

Okay.  I’m trying to think of other witty things to stay in my riff.  Unfortunately, simultaneously I’m watch an online video of one of the dances I’m designing.  It’s 40 minutes of ten girls moving hundreds of boxes.  Seriously.  I’m not exaggerating.  I’m bored and I’m not even finished watching it.  And I haven’t even started designing.  Now they are stacking them.  40 minutes of boxes.  What the fuck am I even supposed to do with this.  One big box gobo and call it a day.  (A gobo is a metal template you put in a light that projects a pattern.  So if I want shadows of leaves on the stage, I put in a leaf gobo.)  Now they are dropping boxes.  And pretending to be little kids…playing with boxes.  Now they are moving in slow motion…with boxes.

Okay.  I’m done.  I tried taking screenshots of the video but I can’t figure out where my computer is hiding them.

So you’ll have to wait.

And with that.

Good night.

Wait….I found the screenshot…

Stacks of boxes, and it’s hard to tell but stacked against the white wall are hundreds of white boxes.

Boxes, boxes, boxes.


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