He’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been in a bad mood for the past three weeks.  I think I might still be in a bad mood.  I know it’s not as bad as it was.  Let’s hope that it continues to get better.  I’m sure Adam hopes it continues to get better.

That’s the excuse I’m using for not blogging.

It’s a poor excuse at best but what you can you do?

Work has been sucky again.  I sent a very terse email to the GM and to Michael my 12 year old manager.  I’d post it on here but it would clearly give away where I work.  As if you don’t know already.  I think I finally got their attention.  The GM, Daniel, in front of the district manager, told Michael to give me what ever I wanted.  Finally.  Of course I give it about two weeks to go back to the way it was.

Of course it can’t get any worse.  The reason I was driven to write the email is because I made almost 50% less last week than I did four years ago when I was getting the same schedule every week.  I told them I’d be happy to bring in my calendar and show them how much I made, and in what section I was scheduled.

This has resulted in a SEVERE shortage of funds.  In fact I still haven’t give Adam my share of April’s rent.  I’m hoping to have it by the weekend.  Thank god he’s lived here forever and he doesn’t get a late charge when we don’t pay on time.

That’s the real reason for the bad mood.

I’m going to Iowa again in two weeks.  Actually I am leave next Thursday.  I’m driving.  It’s a long story which I’ll share some other time.  They are paying so it doesn’t really matter.

Of course as is always the case when I do shows ANY WHERE I don’t have any of the information I need to start my design.  It’s dance show and I was supposed to have DVD’s of the choreography three weeks ago.  That was two weeks after it was supposed to be posted on line.  It will all be fine I’m sure.  It always is.  It makes for a very grumpy Maddog though.

My birthday is in 7 days.  Next Tuesday.  I’ll be 46.  I never in a million years thought I’d be a 46 year old waiter.  I suppose it could be worse.  I could be unemployed.  I always misspell unemployed.

My friend Kelly messaged me on Facebook this weekend to tell me her husband was coming to NYC with his marching band and that they were eating in my restaurant tonight.  I told her I’d go introduce myself.  Which I did.  I got the feeling he was VERY uncomfortable.  Especially when he asked a student to take our picture so he could text it to Kelly and I put my arm around his shoulder.  VERY uncomfortable.


It’s time for bed.

Hopefully I will see you all back here tomorrow.


One thought on “He’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Java April 5, 2011 / 05:58

    It’s good to see you back again. I’ve missed you.

    I would love to drive from NYC to Iowa. I’d love to drive from South Carolina to NYC. No, I take that back. I’d like to drive from SC to somewhere near NYC where I would then take public transportation into NYC. I’d do it if I needed to, but otherwise I don’t want to drive in the city.

    I’m sorry you have been so angry. Wish you could find better work there in New York. Or elsewhere, that’d be good too.

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