A close call….l

This week at work we’ve had cops in the restaurant all day.  Seems there is a huge increase in the number of purse/bag thefts in Times Square and management being on top of things has hired a cop to hang out in the lobby and scare people away.  I think it’s been working.  More importantly all week they’ve been cute.  And when choosing a cop, seems to me the most important thing is their being cute.  I also wonder if anyone told these people when they signed up to be cops that they’d spend their days standing around watching other people eat.

I also waited on cute fireman tonight.  That was nice too.

I digress.

So at the end of the night there are suddenly a lot of cops gathered around table 307 which is right next to the wait station.

Turns out.

There was a six top sitting there.  They tried to dine and dash but they caught one of the guys.  So they told him that if he didn’t pay the bill he’d be arrested.  To which he replied he had no money.  There was about a thirty minute discussion where he explained that he’d pay for his share.  They said no.  That if they let him go upstairs and call his friends they’d come back and pay.  They said no.

Finally he pulled out his credit card.

Which was promptly declined.

So they were back to square one.

I was doing side work during all of this so I wasn’t following along precisely.  I do know that as I walked by the big cop starts getting tough and says, “you have about thirty seconds to figure something out or we are cuffing you and taking you downtown.

I’m not sure how they got there, but he eventually had the manager call his parents and they gave their credit card number over the phone.

It was a very close call I’d say.

I also think he should get better friends.


4 thoughts on “A close call….l

  1. Lemuel March 18, 2011 / 05:15

    Rule 1: Any discussion about cute firemen (or police) is never a digression. 😀

  2. Java March 18, 2011 / 05:37

    That’s pretty cool, IMHO. And he can serve as an example to the other diners to NOT dine and dash. What an ass. So are his “friends”.

  3. Bonnie March 18, 2011 / 08:55

    Wow – I bet he never tries that again. But how exciting! Cute cops are always a bonus!

  4. Urspo March 19, 2011 / 00:52

    i prefer cute cops to cute firemen and either to deadbeat customers.

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