December the 26th.

December 26, 2010.

Once again we are up at the butt crack of dawn.  And where are we going?  To Adam’s step-grandmother’s house.  She’s better known as Imo-Jean.

She’s a hoot from the moment we get there.  She’s funny.  And outspoken.  And says it like it is.  And won’t be bullied by anyone.  She’s in her late 80’s, still lives in her own home, by herself.  And make no mistake, she will not put up with any foolishness, unless it’s from her.

And of course she gave me a huge hug as soon as I came in the house and with in minutes it was as if we’d know each other for years.

First up.

Breakfast casserole.


This is only important for two reasons.

Adam HATES casseroles.


You might be able to persuade him to eat sit if you called it by some other name.  But be careful.  He’s very astute.

And if you mention that you are putting Cambell’s Cream of Mushroom soup in any food product he’s more likely to eat his own feces than what you have cooking on the stove.

And the other reason this is important.

Adam hates his step mom’s cooking BECAUSE she is a lover of casseroles and Cream of Mushroom soup.


She knows this.  It’s not like she’s new to the family.  She’ll do things like pour in the cream of mushroom soup while he’s standing there and then in 30 minutes hand him a spoon and ask him if it needs more salt.

So we are having breakfast casserole.

He’s not excited.  He is VERY good about pushing things around on his plate to make it look like he’s at least tried to eat it.  He doesn’t even entertain this idea at breakfast.  He just skips the dish all together.


Next up.

We get to watch other people open presents once again.


It’s not like they don’t get us anything.  We get one gift.  They get 20.  It takes us thirteen seconds to open ours.  It takes them 90 minutes to ooh and aah over things they don’t really like.  Imo Jean got his step mom and aunt these really “lovely” vace thingys.  They were hideous.  I loved them from the minute they were opened.  I’d have loved to brought one home with us.

Imo Jean gave us a “bucket” with some kits to make muffins etc.  We re-gifted it to my mom.  We also got something else but I don’t remember what it was.

Adam’s aunt gave us a 50 dollar American Express gift card.  Did I mention how much we love her.  And not just because she gave us an awesome gift.  She is amazing.  AMAZING!  She’s funny and smart and edgy and just like her mother is very likely to say what’s on her mind at any moment.

It took forever but finally it was over.

We tried to help clean up but Imo Jean wasn’t having it.  As she put it, “I’m old and live alone.  I need something to do after you all leave.”

First stop.  Diet Coke!

And then we were on our way to Amarillo.

Much to Adam’s dismay.  I requested to go back to the mall in Amarillo.  All of their Christmas stuff was being marked down and they had a Christopher Radko ornament  I wanted.  I would have bought it the day before but I didn’t want to pay full price for it.

So we were on our way.

And we got to drive past my favorite tourist site in Texas.

The Big Cross.

I’ll wait.  You click on the link and take a look.

I first discovered the cross when Michelle and I drove cross country.  We have pictures of us in front of the stations of the cross.  It’s a little scary.

Adam is not as impressed as I am.

We continue to drive.

And we get to the mall.

And we go into Macy’s and what would you know.  Of the five or six Christopher Radko ornaments left, mine is one of them.

This is my ornament.  We have no other religious ornaments on our tree, but we both really liked it.

I had to pee.  So I go to the bathroom.  Adam went to the cologne area to check out a new Marc Jacobs cologne called Bang.

As I come out of the bathroom I do a double take and see Adam’s cousin Emily sitting in the customer service area.

She’s on the phone and when she sees me she says hangs up, gives me a huge hug and asks what we are doing at the mall.  I tell her that we came to get the ornament.  (She was with us when we saw it the first time.)  She says, “That’s funny because I came to the mall to get it for you.  I was going to mail it to you but it was already gone.”  I told her that it was because we’d gotten the last one.

Turns out that Emily is at the mall because he soon to be ex-husband gave her a gift certificate for Macy’s.  She’s sitting in the customer service area because she wanted to know how much it was for.


Yes.  7 hundred dollars.

She’d tried to return it but he said no.  After a lot of debate and advice from other people she decided that if he was stupid enough to think she’d come back to him if he threw money at her then let him be stupid.

We spent the next hour shopping with Emily.

We decided that it was time to head home.

So out the door we went.

We were hungry and Adam said that he thought we should go to Furr’s. He loves Furr’s.  Which is a really strange name for a restaurant.  But it’s all you can eat.  And who doesn’t love an all you can eat buffet

So we stuff our faces until we have to unbutton our pants.

And then we get in the car, stop for Diet Cokes and head back to Adam’s house.



2 thoughts on “December the 26th.

  1. Lemuel March 9, 2011 / 06:32

    Alert: if you ever come to visit and stay for dinner, leave Adam at home or feed him in the car. Our recipe book is jam packed full of casseroles and we have a cookbook from the 70’s that is *exclusively* cook-with-Campbell’s-cream-soups recipes. 😀 (Yes, really.)

  2. Urspo March 9, 2011 / 23:23

    Cream of mushroom soup is the backbone of Midwestern cuisine and casseroles. it made us the people we are today.

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