Maddog Responds.

As a follow up to last night’s post.

I tried all the methods mentioned in the comments to fix the problem.

I yelled at Adam.  That didn’t do any good.  He just yelled back.

Actually I didn’t yell at him.  I hardly ever get mad enough to yell.  I didn’t even get upset with him.  I was just pissed at myself.

The next day I called a pharmacy to see what I would need to get enough pills to get through the weekend.

I would need a prescription it turns out.

So I called my doctor.  He doesn’t take calls on the weekend.  So that was a bust.

I called my mail order pharmacy.  That too was a bust.  They were about as helpful as syphilis.  It of course took ten minutes to get through the press one for English, press two if  you are a doctor bullshit.  Then of course the prompter asks me to give my name.  My birthday.  Etc.  Which I then had to do again when I finally got through to a person.

Who said to me.

“You just have to take a prescription to the pharmacy and they’ll fill it.”


He then asked me if I had a prescription from the doctor.

To which I replied (as Adam glared at me from across the room) “If I had a prescription I wouldn’t be on the phone talking to you.  I’d be at the pharmacy.”

I then asked if they could transfer my prescription to the pharmacy so that I could get enough for the weekend.  I was told they could not.

So I was left without an option on a Saturday afternoon, four states away.

This would also be a good time to tell you how fucked up my mail order pharmacy is.

Twice they’ve sent my prescriptions to the wrong address.

Once the charged my order to a credit card I’d given them from my first order, which took the card over it’s limit, which cost a small fortune.

Once they filled a prescription without my asking for it to be filled and causing me to overdraw my checking account.

At least twice it’s taken over three weeks to get my prescriptions so I had to get a prescription from my doctor to fill the gap.

And they tell me that it’s good to use them because it will save me money.

I hate calling them.  I hate dealing with them.  They pretty much suck.

Of course I have to hold my breath right now because I currently have an order in with them.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take three weeks to get the order and that they send it to the right address.



4 thoughts on “Maddog Responds.

  1. Lemuel February 25, 2011 / 06:54

    A little over a year ago we stopped using the mail order pharmacy that our health insurance wants us to use and have told our doctors that all Rx are to be written for a local pharmacy. Yes, it costs us a bit more in the immediate because we can get very few 90 day Rxs, but in the long run its no more (and perhaps not even as) expensive. Of course our Big Pharma is pissed at us for denying them their pound of flesh.

  2. Java February 25, 2011 / 15:26

    Are you back on your meds now? Feeling better yet? Going off those meds cold-turkey causes wicked withdrawal effects, as you experienced. Good luck!

  3. Urspo February 27, 2011 / 00:54

    I am very wary about using a mail order pharmacy just of all these reasons.
    The alleged saved money is not worth the hassle/worry compared to the convenience of going down the street (I could walk there) where the pharmacists know me.

  4. Peter February 27, 2011 / 17:47

    Next time try this Only change the name of the doctor and delete the part at the bottom.

    Have fun 😉

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