Think before you speak…

I got home early tonight.  So I don’t understand how it’s already 3:00 a.m.  Where did the night go?

I did something tonight I that never do.

I was rude to a guest.  Blatantly rude to a guest.  I realized that as soon as I said it, I was in trouble, but it was already out of my mouth.

My section, along with the sections on both sides of me tonight, had a reservation at 8:00.  They arrived around 8:15 and were sat.  There was a little confusion at first because they’d brought along five extra people that had not been part of the package and that didn’t have seats reserved for them.  Our restaurant is quite good at providing the exact number of chairs that you need.  Not tables.  But chairs.  I say this because you’ll get a party of fifty and people eventually discover that they might not be able to sit with people they want to because the table count doesn’t break down that way.  You have three groups of four students who are forced to sit in two six top tables, one group is going to have to be split up.  After some scurrying around, and getting chairs, everyone finally had a seat.

I did my thing.  I took drink orders.  I get food orders.  The five people who are extra are ordering off our regular menu because they are not part of the original contract.  I have two of these people.

I get the whole thing in the computer.  I get the drinks to the table.  I get ketchup and mustards.  By now the food is hitting the tables.  Soon everyone is eating and all is well.

I keep drinks filled.  I joke around with the adults.  I get them all cookies.  I clear all the plates.  Dinner is over.  All is good.

In fact it’s so good that one of the adults at the table hands me a ten dollar bill for taking such good care of them.

So I drop the check for the two girls who ordered off the regular menu.  They had two veggie sandwiches and two waters.  I think their check was 30 dollars.  With the grat it came to a little more than 35 dollars.  I go back a few minutes later and I pick up their check with their money.  I count it and realize they are 5 dollars short.  They are gone but I tell the teacher.  She goes and gets them and they come back and I tell them they are five dollars short.

I don’t remember the exact details of the conversation except for this part:

“It says the gratuity is voluntary so we are voluntarily choosing not to pay it.”


I kind of look at them like they are stupid.

I don’t remember much else that was said except for this:

“Well I guess it doesn’t matter.  The other lady sitting at your table already took care of me so I guess you can say she’s a little nicer than you are.”

And I walked away.


My whole motto is to kill them with kindness.

It’s just these girls were 15 and as someone at work pointed out, they were being cunty.  They were doing this because they could .  It was there little show of force.

I wish that I’d handled it differently.  As they say hindsight is 20/20.

I didn’t know at the time but contractually they had to pay the tip.  When a group makes a reservation they are told that any thing that is ordered off our regular menu will include a 20% tip.

What I wish I’d said is, “Okay.  Can you point out your group leader?  Because I’m going to have my manager come out to discuss this with him.  I’m sure they can work something out.”

Now I have to worry that next week someone’s going to call work and I’m going to get fired.  They’ve been on a firing spree at work this week.  Four people have been left go since Monday.  All for stupid shit.

One girl got a bad survey. (There are a couple of people I’d like to get fired by doing bad survey’s for them.)

One girl lied on a application for another job about what she did at our restaurant.

One girl got into an argument in the kitchen with a co-worker and called her a pussy.

And one girl was fired because her drawer was off three times in one month.

Nothing like a little job security to make one sleep well at night.



4 thoughts on “Think before you speak…

  1. Lemuel February 17, 2011 / 07:17

    I fear I might not have been as nice in my reply to them as you were in your reply.

  2. Lemuel February 17, 2011 / 07:18

    Back again.
    My belief in karma says that these two will “grow up” to be wait staff. We’ll see then what their philosophy on “voluntary gratuities” might be.

  3. Urspo February 17, 2011 / 19:12

    I feel for you; once in a blue moon I am rude to a patient; it makes me feel very bad. I am the ‘king of blurting’ and must be careful always to pause before I speak.

  4. Dirk February 22, 2011 / 17:51

    No foul language and they did break the contract (sure, you didn’t know that at the time but whatevs…)

    You said yourself you’re never rude so I’d totally lie my ass off if they called. It’s your word against theirs and I’d stand by “I killed them with my customary kindness” to the bitter end.

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