The dreaded “discount”


I still haven’t decided if I’m going on Sunday.  I’m going to talk it over with Adam.  All of you had very good incite though.  And were very split on whether I should go or not.

As for the party.

I think his intent was to have a group of friends over and he used the birthdays and engagement as a reason.  Which is very nice.  That being said, I think it was in poor taste to invite me to his house for a party and THEN tell me I had to bring gifts for his other guests.  Should I email him and tell him Adam’s birthday was this week.  Perhaps they could all bring Adam gifts too.

I’ll let you know what I decide.

Work was much better tonight.  Thank god.  I was beginning to think I was NEVER going to make money again.  Now if I can only do it ten or twelve thousand more times.


We have the thing at work.  A frequent flyers club so to speak.  And it works like this.

For 25 dollars you get a membership card.  As soon as you register the card you immediately get 20 dollars on it to spend.  For every 200 dollars you spend after that you get a 20 dollar coupon.  You also get 20 dollars on your birthday.  The card never expires.  The only other “real” benefit is that when we are on a wait it allows you to get the next available table.

We’ve been expected to “sell” these since I started.  Very few of us do.  Very few of us even try.  BUT.  The powers that be have decided that we have to sell one a week/four a month or “else.”   I’m one of the don’t even try.  I’m not good at selling.  If I was good at selling I’d be selling something more than cheeseburgers.  I’d be selling houses, or insurance, or cars, or bonds, or you get the point.  I’m not a salesman.  Before you even start, yes, waiting tables is selling.  But you don’t have to try.  You don’t have to have a spiel.  You go up to a table.  You ask them what they want.  You ask them if they’d like cheese on it.  You say thank you.  And you walk away.  There you go.

When it comes to actually selling the things we are supposed to sell that is “apart” from the norm I get nervous.  And I don’t like to do it.  And for the past 3.5 years I’ve sort of refused.  I think I’ve sold four or five since I’ve worked there.  And those sold themselves.  But now I’m worried that I’m going to have to stress about my schedule again because I’m not selling these fuckers.

And do you want to know what the biggest road block to this is.

The people who come into our restaurant who have them, who have their sales tracked for each meal, who use the cards to pay for their meals…they don’t tip.  It’s the kiss of death.  It’s akin to people who use their AAA discount card.  I’m firmly convinced that someone who WILL spend money to SAVE money is NOT going to tip.  And for the most part they don’t.  The minute someone says to me, “Do you have a AAA discount, I immediately know that my tip will be no more than 10% and often it’s less than the discount they received.  On Thursday night, I had two table use their club cards.  The first table used the 75 dollars that they had to pay for their meal.  They left me nothing.  The second table tracked their tab on the card and they left me 5.00 on a 103.00 dollar tab.

See what I’m saying.

So the way I see it, is that we don’t want to encourage people to come to our restaurant that will spend money to save money because all the restaurant gets it’s cut.  I don’t get mine.  A couple of servers have even suggested that we be able to automatically grat these tables.  We’d stop cringing every time we see one and we’d sell the shit out of them.


2 thoughts on “The dreaded “discount”

  1. catrina February 5, 2011 / 14:10

    If there’s one thing you’ve taught me, it’s how to tip. Someone once told me it’s OK to leave a tip equalling twice the tax. But after reading your blog we now tip AT LEAST 20% of the total bill. Hubby has come a long way—when we first met he used to leave $2, whether it was for breakfast or a full-course dinner. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

  2. Karen February 5, 2011 / 15:06

    I have to echo Catrino – since I started reading your blog I ALWAYS tip 20%. But I will add that ever since I started paying for restaurant meals I’ve alwsays tipped something, with the fear that the waiter would come after me in the parking lot and ask for his tip!

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