An Apple a day!

Guess what we did tonight?  We took Adam’s tax refund and promptly went to the Apple Store and bought a new I-pad.  And why does he need want a new I-pad?  So he can read the New York Times on the bus.  As he just turned to me and said, “Oh.  This is NICE.”  He was talking about the Times application.  I should probably point out that the NYTimes was not the first thing he downloaded.  He actually sat down, took it out of the box, turned it on, and downloaded Angry Birds.  Hmm.  If you don’t know what Angry Birds is I suggest that you NEVER find out.  It’s worse than crystal meth or heroin.  It takes about 30 seconds to get sucked in and then you can’t put it down.  Adam infected me with the drug and I’ve had to fight getting it.  So now he has an 800 dollar newspaper.

Actually going to the Apple Store is lots of fun.  They have a great design aesthetic.  There are people everywhere.  There is no sense of pressure from the sales staff to buy something.  We actually had to wait about 10 minutes for someone to free up to help us.  And most of all I’ve never had a rude employee wait on me.  They are nice, and informative and very helpful.

So Adam got an I-pad.


I got an I-pod.  I should say, Adam bought me an I-pod.  My 2004 I-pod died about a month ago.  I’d had issues with it for a while.  Shutting itself off.  Not wanting to start.  The battery life was short.  I’d had to re-boot it several times.  And about a month ago, it breathed a gently sigh and died.  No amount of CPR worked.  It’s now on my desk waiting for disposal.

Adam had offered to get me an I-pod for Xmas but I insisted that he not.  I was holding out hope that Verizon would begin selling the I-phone.  Which it has.  But I’ve thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it.  Except for playing music from I-tunes there is REALLY no other reason to have an I-phone.  Well that and the prestige.  I actually like my Droid.  It’s fast.  Has all the functionality of the I-phone (except music).  The only real drawback is the battery and I’m learning to live with that.  So when he brought it up tonight I relented and said, “Why not?”

So he has an I-pad.  I have an I-pod.

That makes two apple laptops, one apple desktop, one I-pad, one working I-pod, two broken I-pods, and one soon to be replaced I-phone.

Our Mac family is alive and well.



3 thoughts on “An Apple a day!

  1. Peter January 29, 2011 / 04:29

    All we need now in New York is the right to marry the person you love. So at last you can say I-do

  2. Karen January 29, 2011 / 17:13

    Excellent comment Peter.
    The 22 year old daughter days OMG about Angry Birds.
    She has a Mac laptop that is her best friend.
    And as we are verizon customers we will be owners of iPhones on Feb. 3. The 22 year old says we can submit an order at 3 am and she will be up to do it for me. Cant’ wait!!

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