Saturday Night.

I hate sitting down to type and not knowing what to write.  My only real new year’s resolution was to get back to blogging more.  If you check out the calendar to your right you’ll see I’ve been doing pretty well.  I’ve only missed a day or two.  Having the train ride home to think about it after work helps.  It also helps when it’s not 1:32 a.m. and I’m exhausted from lying (is it lying or laying) on the couch all day doing nothing.  Which is pretty much what I did.

Adam spent the day cooking.  He made some 45 pepper chili.  I might be exaggerating a little bit.  It did have a lot of them.  It tasted awesome but I think it was little heavy for the both of us.  I’m just hoping that I can sleep tonight.  I have a serious fear that I’m going to have indigestion all night.  He also made some VERY awesome cornbread.  The whole meal could have consisted of a just cornbread.  Of course we used a stick of butter each but it was well worth it.

And then he made a burnt sugar bundt cake with rum caramel frosting.  He made it out of the cookbook that I gave him for Christmas.  It’s called Baked Explorations:  Classic American Desserts Reinvented. I’m serious when I say it’s his favorite gift.  He made brownies from it last week.  And this cake this week.  I think he should let me look through the book for next weekends fun.

And now it’s 1:39.  Adam’s in the shower.  I just finished the dishes.  And I think it’s time for bed.  So in the name of brevity I’m going to call it a night.


One thought on “Saturday Night.

  1. Lemuel January 23, 2011 / 13:55

    lying or laying depends on who does it and to whom. 😀

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