While we are talking politics.

My health insurance premium is going up by almost 80 dollars a month.  Why?  Because I don’t average 30 hours per week.  I’m lucky.  If you aren’t enrolled currently in our program you can only join if you are averaging 30 hours per week.  It’s virtually impossible to do this.  To work 30 hours per week you have to work 4 closing shifts.  There are only 8 closing sections in our restaurant.  There are 125 servers on the schedule.  It’s not possible for more than a couple of people to do this.

I am lucky because I’m being grandfathered in so I CAN keep my current coverage.  I just have to pay more.

I saw this on a co-worker’s facebook page:

Just got got my letter that our new health care is starting to take effect!!! Yay, I’ll be paying DOUBLE come March 1st. Thanks Mr. President! Now I can visit with all my friends in the ramen food aisle and bread lines.

His follow up comment:

Well they haven’t started punishing you for not having it yet, but if you have insurance, its gone up for all of us, a lot. The house voted to repeal it, hopefully the senate will pull their heads out of their ass and repeal it, too. Though, they don’t care, they’re exempt.

and then a response from someone else:

so what about the REALLY REALLY poor people? (and all of us who didn’t actually *shock!* vote for obama cause we could see through the charm. except man, i’m glad sarah palin isn’t our vp. well, would you rather have a total douche or a total retard in the office?) crap. america is not lookin’ good, folks. i sometimes wish i had no integrity and i was really really poor and on disability. just so other people could pay for it. or something.

There were a few other stupid responses.

My response:

I find it interesting that our change in health care benefits is about Obama and not about the restaurant.  In truth nothing passed in the law has gone into effect yet. I’d be willing to be the company is trying to save money and not the insurance company. And trust me you are far better off paying the additional amount than not paying it. I’ve said this a thousand times when I broke my ankle it would have cost about 5000 dollars out of pocket when it was all said and done.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what makes these people tick.  They don’t want medicaid and medicare because it’s a drain on our financial resources.  They don’t want insurance reform because that takes dollars out of their own pockets.  And as we all know healthcare is a privilege not a right.  So who the fuck do they think is going to pay for them when they do break their ankle and have to have 5000 dollars in medical care…or worse?  Me.  Because they chose not to get insurance and now they need and don’t have it.  Perhaps they could just wait till the saved up the money to get the care they need.  Perhaps they could put a jar in the break room and we could all pitch in to buy a cast for that broken ankle.

The older I get the less I like my republican friends.  I know I should be more open to their views…it’s just that I don’t understand them.  And you know what really puzzles me…poor people who are republicans.  I watch Tea Party members on TV and it’s clear they don’t have money.  And yet they support people who only have corporate America’s best interest at heart.  All I can say is me not getting gay married is sure as fuck not going to put food on your table, a roof over your head, or gas in your car.  And voting these conservative issues are going to put you into bankruptcy.


One thought on “REALLLLY?

  1. Karen January 20, 2011 / 16:35

    How about this – Why the fuck does it cost $5000 for a broken ankle? Maybe if the hospitals and doctors charged us a reasonable amount of money for xrays and treatment we could afford care without the insurance. But wait – they can’t charge us a reasonable amount because they have to pay malpractice insurance. Get rid of malpractice – and all the lawyers – and cut down the costs of medical care and we can all live happily and healthily forever.

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