Pictures of Harper Kitty

I’m still not feeling well.  It seems to get worse as the night goes on.  Right now my head is pounding, I’m dehydrated and I can’t focus.  I’m hoping that a good night’s sleep does the trick.


Adam left for L.A. this afternoon.  He should have landed an hour ago.  He just texted saying they were on the ground.  I was starting to get worried.  I can easily go to the bad place.  I had a fifteen minute argument with myself in the shower today on what I was going to do when he called from LA saying he’d met “someone else.”  FUCKER!!!

Luckily I know that I do this.  Even luckier is knowing that Adam has a tendency to do the same.  So I told him I’d kill him if he cheated on me.  Actually I didn’t tell him I’d kill him.  I told him something even worse.  I told him I’d take Harper and leave town and he’d never hear from either of us again.  That will show him.

Speaking of Harper.

I’ve lived here for over a year, and I’ve never seen her in this chair.  She’s been there all night.  There is barely room for her with the pillows.  Right now her behind is hanging over the edge of the chair.  It’s my guess that she misses Adam so she’s hanging close.  It also didn’t help that me and the girls were all on the sofa tonight which kind of pushed her off her usual perch.  I’ll be going to bed soon.  I can’t wait to see if she comes to sleep with me.

I’ve been arguing on Facebook again tonight.   A friend of mine posted a clip of Keith Olbermann’s editorial about the shooting in Arizona.  He first started by saying that he didn’t trust anything the man said.  And then followed by saying that if Arizona had looser concealed weapon’s laws (they have some of the country’s loosest) then someone would have stopped the killer before he’d gotten off so many shots.  When I read it, I felt my head explode a little.   I posted his comment on my Facebook wall and this is what a friend of mine had to say:  You know, I’ve heard this fucking suggestion from every corner of the internet these past days and I just want to say this: Do all you NRA types ACTUALLY think you’re the Sundance Kid? Do you shower with your guns cross-holstered and shoot the legs off flies in your spare time? Because the assumption behind this comment is that if they had been there with their gun holstered and snapped into a thick leather holster that they would have been able to instantly react, identify the bad guy, unclip their holster and draw their gun and take him down in seconds. Really? Really? Remember, the guy was firing an automatic weapon. So really all you Eastwood wannabes, you would really have taken him out before he inflicted damage? Bullshit, you would still have been fumbling with the safety by the time the whole thing was over.

I think he sort of hit the nail on the head.  As it turns out there was an armed man there.  The whole thing was over before he even figured out what was going on.  So much for stopping the violence.  So of course I had to write back and say as much.  I’ll let you know tomorrow what he says.

I’d write more on this but it’s late and I’m tired, and not feeling well and more importantly I just snapped another picture of Harper, kitty.  She’s barely on the chair at all now.

The couch is empty now.  I don’t know why she doesn’t come over here.  Silly cat!!!

Adam just called.  His flight was more than an hour late.  But he’s there, so I can stop worrying.

Okay.  It’s time for bed.  I’m going to shower and call it a night.




One thought on “Pictures of Harper Kitty

  1. javabear January 10, 2011 / 09:29

    Poor Harper! Move the pillows so she has more room on the chair.

    I do that same kind of thing whenever Superman goes on a trip, except I’m not worried that he’ll find someone else. I’m worried that he’ll be in a horrible accident. Oops, I hope I didn’t just give your brain something else to worry about.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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