I cannot believe that it’s 3:30 a.m.

My boyfriend is just getting into the shower to go to bed.  And it was his idea to stay up this late.  What the fuck is the world coming to???

We saw Spiderman tonight.  I’ll write a whole post about that later this week when I have more time.  I’m very glad that I saw it, and I’m pretty sure I’d even pay to see it again.  But not anytime in the near future.

After the show Ruby and Pam decided that it was quicker and less painful to cab it home and since they were charging it off to their company we didn’t argue.

When we got here we ordered Pizza from Grandpa’s and settled in for the night.

Any by night I mean pizza, booze, cards and debauchery at midnight.

I couldn’t believe that at midnight Adam was suggesting we start drinking.  But he wasn’t playing around.  He concocted some drink that looked like Maalox.  In theory it should have been good.  Vodka.  Creme de Menthe.  And White chocolate liqueur.  He managed to drink his.  After about 45 minutes and three sips Ruby finally admitted that she couldn’t drink it.

So the result.  Let’s go back to the bar and start all over.

This time he made a Creme Brulee martini.  This is actually good.  I’ve tasted it and it’s pretty awesome.  If I was a vodka drinker I’d totally go for it.  I however was sticking with my manhattan/bourbon and coke.

And while all this was going on we were playing cards.  I realized while we were playing that it was the first time Adam and I have ever played cards together.  It’s actually the first time we’ve ever played any game other than pool at a bar together..  We were all having the best time.  So much so that Adam kept saying, let’s just play one more hand.

For the first time ever, I was ready to go to bed and he was wanting to stay up.  What IS the world coming to?

So now it’s 3:30.  He’s in the shower.  The girls are in bed.  The kitchen is a mess.  I’m blogging.  And the day has been awesome.

Tomorrow we are seeing La Cage Aux Folles.  In payment for letting them stay with us the girls have bought us tickets to see Spiderman and La Cage.  It was cheaper to do that then to actually pay for a hotel for a week.  At first we thought they were paying for all of this out of pocket but we discovered today that the whole trip is being paid for with a grant so we don’t feel so guilty any more.

I hope they take more business trips to NYC.

Okay.  I have to get a Diet Coke and get my ass in bed.



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  1. Urspo January 8, 2011 / 20:55

    That all sounds splendid, especially the midnight rumpus.

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