On the first day of Christmas…

So it’s December 23rd.  We are at Adam’s father’s house.  We’ve just finished lunch.  The plumber has just fixed the garbage disposal.  It’s now time to open presents.


Adam’s family has been totally accepting of me and of us.  They recognize me as part of the family and they recognize our relationship as being just as valid as any of theirs.  I say this because he comes from a pretty religious family.  There is no judgement.  Only love and acceptance.

Which is why last year when they drew names I was included in the list.  I drew Adam’s dad’s name.  I don’t remember what I got him.  Adam and I had a fight about this last year.

This year I got his cousin Emily’s name.  I know what I got her.  She is into crafting so I used an offer that Adam had and bought her subscriptions to all three Martha Stewart magazines.  She seemed to like it.

Adam’s dad got me.  Which is why I got a frantic call from Adam asking what I wanted for Christmas.  I told him I’d have to think about it and I was told…”Too late.  It’s already been done.”  Whoops!  It was actually fine.  It was a copy of Stephen King’s new book.

Adam got his Aunt Sue’s name.

He very cleverly asked his father what he should get her.  His father suggested that Adam get her the Carol Burnett biography that was on Adam’s Amazon wish list.  So Adam ordered it.  I wrapped.  And we carted it down to Texas.

In the meantime Adam had been told that she really wanted a new toaster but since we’d already bought the book, it was too late.

And then the fun began.

His Aunt Sue entered the house with a book in her hand that she immediately gave to Adam saying that she’d just finished reading it and knew that he’d enjoy it.  It was Carol Burnett’s biography.


Now what.  She’d already read it, and now he had no gift to give her.

We’ll punt.

We’ll go tomorrow and buy her the toaster.

And then the present unwrapping ensues and what would you know.  Adam’s dad gave her the toaster even though he wasn’t supposed to buy her a gift at all.


We ended up at Barnes and Noble the next day and bought her a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird which she had never read.  She seemed very happy when we gave it to her.

Now the question to you guys.

We now have a copy of Carol Burnett’s biography that Adam’s Aunt Sue gave him.

We now have a copy of Carol Burnett’s biography that Adam bought.

He feels guilty about sending it back to Amazon and getting something else.  I’ve told him that he does NOT need to give it to someone else.  His Aunt Sue got a gift.  He should return the gift and get something that’s on his wish list since it’s already been paid for.  Do you think he should return it?  Regift it?  What would you do?

In the meantime it’s sitting on our dining room table, still wrapped in Christmas paper.

If he doesn’t act soon I’m going to send the book back to Amazon and get something on MY wish list.


6 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas…

  1. Lemuel January 5, 2011 / 06:33

    If there is no one on your current gift list to whom you would give the book and if the book is still pristine, I’d send it back for credit on your account. Certainly you are not the first customers caught in this situation.

  2. javabear January 5, 2011 / 06:47

    He should send it back. He should treat himself to something he wants, if for no other reason than to compensate himself for the anguish of this Christmas gift fiasco. Sounds like it worked out well in the end, though, at least for Aunt Sue.

  3. Peter January 5, 2011 / 07:41

    Return it and get a credit.

  4. Sarah January 5, 2011 / 08:58

    I got two copies of Life by Keith Richards (highly entertaining so far). I returned the one my dad got me because it was the easier option. He was not offended.

    It would make sense to keep the gift if (a) he didn’t already have it, (b) wanted it or (c) had someone else to give it to. Can’t understand how guilt plays into this. No one did anything wrong and she did not want for a gift.

  5. Bonnie January 5, 2011 / 09:12

    Return the book – the aunt got a gift, so there is no reason to keep two copies of the book. Enjoy your reading!

  6. Tom January 5, 2011 / 22:58

    Ok, I know this is weird, but I had a great lunch with Carol Burnett (and a mutual friend) back in 1973… I would love a copy of the book and would be happy to send you a check for the book’s cost (plus your reshipping fees)…

    email me!

    Love ya Dude!


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