The Christmas Exchange. Part 1.

It’s January 2nd.  In just a little less than two weeks Adam and I will finally get to exchange Christmas presents.

Yes, I know it’s a little late.

Here’s our dilemma.

The first part of December involves our Christmas party and planning for our trip out of town.  It’s also included visits from Michelle for the past two years.  We barely have time to breathe before we leave to visit our families let alone find time to buy, wrap and exchange presents.

We don’t want to exchange gifts on the road.  It’s a pain in the ass just getting the things we buy for everyone else to Texas and Kentucky.  It would suck royally to have to cart each other’s presetns half way across the country.  Not to mention it would be hard to keep any of them a surprise before we actually get around to opening them.

We got back from our trip on December 31st.

Yesterday we unpacked, did laundry, put things away, along with the other thousand chores you have when you’ve been gone for two weeks.  Adam also had cupcakes due for a christening that we attended today and that pretty much took care of yesterday.

Did I mention the christening.  There went today.

On Thursday Adam’s friends from Oklahoma arrive.  They’ll be here until next Tuesday.  There goes next weekend.

So the next available time for us to do it is the following weekend.  We haven’t really discussed what the day will look like.  I’m hoping it involves Adam making dinner and then the two of us sitting next to the tree with a bottle of wine, opening gifts.

I really have no idea what I’m getting.

I DO know what he’s getting.  I’ve already finished my shopping.  Well.  For the most part.  I have a couple of small things I want to pick up.

We did open a couple of gifts before we left.  He got a Christopher Radko Christmas ornament.  And.  A vintage bowling pin.  I got a new scarf to keep me warm that is beautiful.  And a couple of shirts.  That didn’t fit.

We have not returned them yet, but on our way home we stopped at an outlet mall and he bought me two new shirts.  That did fit.  He’ll return the others and get a refund.  While we were at the mall I bought him a pair of Puma shoes.  I’d already  put it on my list as something that I wanted to get him.  I just needed him to be there so I knew that he’d like them and they’d fit.  They were on sale.  So I bought him a second pair.  I still spent less than what I’d planned for one pair.

So tune in for the complete coverage of the Xmas exchange in two weeks.


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Exchange. Part 1.

  1. Urspo January 3, 2011 / 23:24

    I am keen to hear how this all works out!

  2. Peter January 4, 2011 / 01:42

    Better start planning now for Christmas 2011, with enough ‘breath time’ in between. 😉

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