The party continued.

One more time.

It’s FUCKING cold.  I can’t wait to get to my mom’s house next week where the thermostat will at least be on 55.  At least there will be SOME heat.  I love that Adam leaves me a message before he goes to bed saying he’s about to take a shower to warm up.  And yet he wants the a/c on when I come to bed.  I don’t understand it.

Speaking of Adam.

He called me a liar today.  He said that my representation of the fact concerning his emotional outburst was somewhat wrong.  I told him he should get his own blog so that he can tell his version of the story.  So there.

Speaking of Adam.

I must admit that the day would not have been nearly as wonderful if he hadn’t been there.  He planned a menu that included our favorites like oreo balls and bourbon balls.  But he also found recipes for some amazing “savory” foods, that proved to be more popular than the sweets.

He spent one whole night making wreaths and garland for the front door and the fireplace.

He kept me from being totally spaced out and not helping at all.

He wore his Christmas sweater even though I’m not sure he wanted to.

And he made me proud that he was my boyfriend each time I looked across the room watching him chat with our guests.

He’s an awesome boyfriend.

Even if he does lose his shit every once in a while.


One thought on “The party continued.

  1. Java December 18, 2010 / 20:45

    And really, don’t we all lose our shit every once in a while?
    Adam sounds like a really wonderful guy, lumps and all.

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