My weird train of thought….

I couldn’t have gotten someone to tip tonight if I’d given them the money to leave me.  I barely made 10% of my sales tonight and if I’d tipped out as much as I should have I’d have made less than 10%.  You’d think people would know it’s xmas time and I have to buy my boyfriend an Ipad.  Or a food processor.  Or a new Kitchen Aid mixer.  Or some underwear.  Or a ___________________________.  I’d tell you what I’m getting him but then I’d have to kill you.  I’ve told him one thing I’m getting him, but after some consideration I think I’m going to get him something else.  I have to do some thinking and planning to see figure it all out.

The general manager of the restaurant told me today that I should stop complaining about not making money when he’s done the math and knows that I make more than most of the managers.  Sorry.  They should be waiters if they want to make more.  I still need a good schedule.

I finished the book I’ve been reading.  I quite enjoyed it.  It was Stephan King’s Under the Dome.  It was quite a fun read.  I’m actually sort of sad that it’s done.  I wanted it to play out a little longer.

Adam and I stopped in a gay bookstore this past weekend in Philadelphia.  We were there spending the weekend with his dad and step mom.  It was actually a very nice trip.  We spent way too much money though.  It’s not cheap to go to a city and be expected to do all the touristy things.  Three museums in one day all with an admission price of 15+ dollars.  It gets expensive.  We did have fun though.  The last night we were there we walked back to the hotel after putting everyone else in a cab.  Along the way we passed Giovanni’s Room.  It’s now the 3rd oldest gay bookstore in the country.  We bought a couple of books while we were there.  One Adam suggested we wait and buy online, but I insisted that we buy it there, even though it would be a little more just to support the dying world of small bookstores.  Let alone gay bookstores.

The one deal we did find there was the complete set of the Tales of the City for 18 bucks.  It was in the used book section.  I read the books years ago but Adam has only ever read the first one.  I’ve assured him that it’s a wonderful series.  Now I just have to get him to pick the first one up and start.  I’m sure he’ll love them once he gets into them.

I get to start a new book tomorrow.  I tend to go from “serious” reads to “light” reads.  Stephen King was my light read.  I’d just finished Lonesome Dove.  Together they were well over 2,000 pages.  And they were both amazing in the own right.  Tomorrow I’ll scan my “to read” shelf.  Adam’s “to read” shelf.  The shelf with books we want to read but aren’t on the radar yet.  And the books on our life changing shelves.  It’s always fun to pick a new book.  It’s like getting a new friend.  For the next few weeks I’ll spend every night with them learning about their lives.  And if the book really speaks to me I’ll feel like I’ve lost a good friend when it’s over.  I felt that way about “Under the Dome.”  I also felt that way about “Lonesome Dove.”  Let’s hope tomorrow’s choice is also a winner.


5 thoughts on “My weird train of thought….

  1. Tom December 2, 2010 / 07:48

    MD… Try the Ally Blue series “Bay City Paranormal”. They are all light reads but fun…

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Java December 2, 2010 / 19:31

    I have not yet read the Tales of the City books. I bought “Michael Tolliver Lives” before I realized it was related to the TotC series. (I’ve heard that it isn’t technically part of the series, though many claim that it is.) I want to read the series before I read Michael Tolliver.

    I’m considering buying a Kindle. I had a chance to look at and play with one today. My mother has one and she loves it. Perhaps I’ll be more inclined to read a lot of the books I want to read if I can carry lots of them around on a small electronic tablet.

  3. Karen December 3, 2010 / 07:37

    I was going to say how much I enjoy reading, too (I’m an elementary and jr high school librarian) and how I agree that sometimes the books are too good to stop reading. Sometimes we learn such intimiate details about a character, more than most real people we know, and it’s so disappointing when the last chapter is over!

    But if I may comment on the comment above – I treated myself to a Nook for my birthday and I love it! Makes it so easy to have a book with you all the time. Small and easy to hold. It can be loaded with lots of books. Most are cheaper than the paper versions. Some are even free! I did a lot of research of the Kindle and the Nook, and I truly believe the Nook is a better deal. There are customer service people in the Barnes & Noble stores – no one at Amazon is going to help you! You can see and use a Nook at the store before you buy it. Is there anywhere to try a Kindle? The #1 reason I went for the Nook is there are a number of places to get books for downloading. I can even borrow ebooks from my library. Kindles will only read Amazon ebooks, and there is no borrowing feature.
    Anyway, hope that’s not too much information! Thanks again for your blog!

  4. Urspo December 3, 2010 / 23:07

    I love bookstores, and I love gay bookstores – I try to patronize them to keep them going.

  5. Urspo December 12, 2010 / 17:57

    BTW – whenever I eat out, I think of you and wonder if my waiter/waitress struggles with the same matters you do. Unless the service was really bad or the person nasty, I try to be charitable – more so as I know you.

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