Hmmm. What’s on my mind?


I’m actually starting my post early.  It’s only 4:19.  I would have gotten to it sooner but I’ve been reading election results.  And posting on Facebook.  I’ve posted 13 things on Facebook since I got home.  I’m surprised I have any friends left.  I did lose four this week.  I don’t know who.  I don’t really care.  They get me the way that I am.  That’s just the way it is.

Work has been okay the last several days.  I’m still having issues with my schedule but I think I’m going to give up on that.  You can only fight the fight so long before it starts to take it’s toll.

The elections weren’t that surprising.  There were some stupid decisions but what are we going to do.  Sharon Angle lost.  Yippee.  Christine O’Donnell lost.  Yippee.  The judges in Iowa were voted out.  Boo.  Rand Paul was elected in Kentucky.  Boo.  Lexington, KY elected it’s first openly gay mayor.  Yippee.  Jimmy McMillan was NOT voted in as governor of NY.  Boo.

I’m supposing that we’ll live.  I just wonder how much longer till EVERY thing blows up.  I’m not one to usually go to the worst place.  But there is a part of me that fears where the country will be in 10 or so years.  I’m not even talking social security.  I think we have the potential to disintegrate to far worse places.  And I’m not even sure Canada will be safe if it happens.

I’m eating cake parts as I type.  Adam has two cakes due on Thursday.  He’s been carving all night.  They look awesome.

Only 18 more days till we decorate our Xmas tree.  Yippee!!!  Only 11 more days till we move the furniture around to make room for the tree.  We start making our Xmas cards this weekend.  We bought wrapping paper this past Sunday.  We also bought a new remote control for the tree.  It will accommodate more power.  Which is VERY important.

People at work have started requesting off for our Xmas party.  I know we’ll have at least two guests this year.

I’m reading Stephen King’s Under the Dome right now.  The premise is VERY far fetched.  The results of the premise are very current.  Scary in fact.  All too timely.  Especially with the election today.

It makes me giggle when Tea Party members get upset about being called tea baggers.   It makes me angry when they say it’s just as offensive as being called fag.

Speaking of the word “fag.”  I’m pretty sure that I heard it used in Spanish tonight by the same person who told me I was being too sensitive about it.  I let it slide.  The next time it happens I’m going to pull him aside and tell him that’s his last warning.  One more time and I go to management.

That’s all I have for tonight.


3 thoughts on “Hmmm. What’s on my mind?

  1. Lemuel November 3, 2010 / 06:15

    I have to admit that If I lived in NY, I might have been tempted to vote for Jimmy – if only for the comedy of it all. To be sure “the rent is too damn high”.

  2. Sarah November 3, 2010 / 08:15

    I watched the results with two guys in the finance industry. They are both forecasting another crash in a few years if the stimulus spending is stopped and taxes are cut. Canada bounced back a year ago. Our currency is doing better. The financial industry is well-regulated. It’s getting more and more difficult to justify returning home.

  3. dirkmancuso November 11, 2010 / 18:23

    UNDER THE DOME is on the nightstand just waiting for the first snow day of the year.

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