AHHHHHHH!!!! I’m now to angry to go to bed!!!!!

Autumn at work told me I was being silly to have Daniel speak to the staff about the use of the word “faggot.”

Autumn was Adam until about 18 months ago.  She can actually pass as a woman.

She’s not the only trans person that works with me.  The other one looks like a drag queen.  With real tits.

My point is.  They are called worse than faggot when no one is around.  Especially in Spanish.

I’ve decided however that I AM being too sensitive.  And I’m about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE sensitive.

I’d like to say it’s no big deal.  They don’t mean any harm.  They are just having fun.  And perhaps they are.  Their type of fun stopped being fun about a million years ago.   There have been at least seven gay teens suicides in the past five weeks.  Two of the latest on the day we were supposed to wear purple in recognition of the teens that had died.  The truth is I’m a big boy.  I’ve been around a long time.  I can protect myself.  If push came to shove, I’d stand up and push back.  I will have no problem holding my own.  One of the first times I had the word fag used against me was while I was waiting tables in Atlanta.  I’d picked up a tray of food and was starting out of the kitchen when one of the cooks replaced the first part of my last name with “fag.”  I turned around and said, “excuse me?”  He said, “you heard me.”  The next sound in the kitchen was the sound of plates crashing against the expo line because I’d launched my tray at him.  Plates and all.  I can take care of myself.

But these people aren’t just using the word at work.  If they are using the word at work then you know they are using it else where.  And I’d bet they are using it around people who aren’t willing or able to defend themselves.  And with their use of the word, comes the negative connotation that anyone who is a “fag” is less than.  Not equal too.  And that’s the plus side.  Even worse is when the word is used to instill fear, and loathing.  And every day these kids hear this word is another day they hear they are less than.  And if they hear it enough, well we know the potential outcome.

And just when you thought the insidious hatred toward gay youth couldn’t get any worse, the following Facebook page was made public today.

And the best part of this Facebook page?  Clint McCance is a school board member of the Arkansas Midland School Board.  The person who writes that he’ll only wear purple if all gay kids “commit suicide.”  They have a special “purple fag day.”  That they often “give each other AIDS and die.”   Yeah.  He’s the example being set in his community.  He’s making decisions that affect the lives of children every day.

I get angry just typing this shit.  It’s people like Clint that use the word “fag.”  It’s people like Clint who teach children to hate.  It’s people like Clint that cause 15 year olds to shoot themselves in the head.  It’s people like Clint who teach 12 year olds to hang themselves in their closet.  And I’m told I’m too “sensitive?”  Fuck that.  I’m getting more and more sensitive every day.  And I have a feeling that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  I’m too tired to write to the school board tonight.  But in case some of you have 10 minutes or so tomorrow you can write the superintendent here:

Dean Stanley
Phone: (501)345-8844
E-mail: dstanley@midlandschools.org

Or you can call Clint’s business here:

Clint’s Carpet Cleaning , 7569 Batesville Blvd,  Pleasant Plains, AR (501) 268-7360.

Or you can call the asshole at home if you want.

Clint Mccance
(501) 345-1612
7569 Batesville Blvd,Pleasant Plains, AR 72568-9716

Seems the school district website has cleansed the names of all their members from their website.  Also none of the school board meetings after April are now available for view.

So you know what.  I’ll send my letter tomorrow.  And I’ll continue to post my political stuff on Facebook.    This was my update when I posted the article:

Okay. I know I post a lot of political stuff on Facebook. But I’d really like to challenge all of my friends with kids to read this post. This is a school board member. Who posted on Facebook. That he hopes all gay kids get AIDS and die. Whether you approve of homosexuality or not, you HAVE to realize that this person should NOT be making decisions that affect the lives of anyone. Especially children.

But you know what else I can do.  I can DEMAND that those around me who use the word learn that it’s not okay.  It’s not funny.  It’s not “boys being boys.”  It’s insulting.  And ultimately dangerous.

It must stop!

I will see to it that it does!


4 thoughts on “AHHHHHHH!!!! I’m now to angry to go to bed!!!!!

  1. Lemuel October 27, 2010 / 06:10

    Am I surprised (at the fact that a member of a school board has such attitudes)? No. I am caught between being infuriated at his statements or being “grateful” that he openly expressed them. In the latter scenario my thoughts go to the ideas that at least we know where he stands and we can deal openly with him. How many more school board members (and other prominent people) in how many more places around this country are thinking his same thoughts but hiding them behind facades of pleasantness – all the while making hurtful and hateful decisions that negatively impact gay people?

  2. Sarah October 27, 2010 / 09:08

    Since derogatory terms exist to degrade people, we should take care to not use them around people with whom we do not have a completely trusting relationship. My BFF and I tease each other about our religions, ethnicities and genders (and just about anything else for that matter) and we often use stereotypes and socially unacceptable language in our jokes. However, we know that we have each other’s back and always will. This is not true in most work situations and such casualness with language is just not acceptable among coworkers. Err on the side of caution in work and social situations. While your management might be annoyed at having to deal with this, too bad, that’s their job. You’ve tried to handle it yourself and it didn’t stop. Have you asked your boss if he’d be comfortable with you dropping some choice terms on the guy in the kitchen regarding his race, religion, gender, what have you? Would he ignore complaints from this guy if you turned the tables (although who wants to drop to that level)?

  3. catrina October 27, 2010 / 19:02

    Because my first instinct was to call, write, and e-mail words that would no doubt result in the police showing up at my door, I have written down what I want to say, and will make calls tomorrow. I’m so angry right now that I could easily end up in jail. Some people use such derogatory terms for others that are different. Non-white, non-Christian (Christian? REALLY???), non-married, non-parenting, whatever….it’s simply showing their utter stupidity! Rather than being such asses, people should research that which they need to denegrate. For an educator (or anyone for that matter) to say he’ll wear purple when they all kill themselves—well, that’s plain old sick.
    I am SO disappointed that a fellow human being could spew such hate….and if I was ANYTHING like him, I could repeat some of the Arkansas slurs I’ve heard all my life. I won’t, but please don’t think I’m above wanting to!

  4. Java October 27, 2010 / 19:19

    What a fucktard. He’s a school board member and he uses the term “thereselves.” And of course that’s the least of his problems.

    And he is a problem. He is a symptom of a greater problem, one which you are addressing at work. Good on you, darlin’. Keep taking steps to make it better. And I’ll do the same wherever I can.

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