Maddog Rambles again!!!!

1.  The best thing about Halloween is candy corn.

2.  Adam is 6’2″.  It’s the first time I’ve dated a taller man.

3.  We have a cleaning lady.  Her name is Jancy.  She likes to talk to me when I get up.  I like her to be quiet.  We disagree on this.

4.  We have a mouse.  Or four.  We seem to have gotten rid of them.  It’s the curse of living in NYC.  At least they aren’t bed bugs.

5.  I just ate the last cookie.

6.  I got stiffed by a white trash British table tonight.  They had stereotypical British teeth.  Their check was 232.00.  My tip was 00.00.

7.  Stuart got fired today at work.  I’ve heard a billion different reasons why.  It always reminds me how fragile my job is.  All it takes is one pissed off person calling corporate to fuck your world.

8.  Adam and I had a fight last night.  I’m pretty sure he won.  He says it’s not about winning and losing.  He says that because he always wins.

9.  Adam and I are having brunch with my old roommate Chuck on Sunday.

10.  Today is my friend Todd’s birthday.

11.  I’m not going to San Diego in December like I thought.  I decided it didn’t make good financial sense.  I rarely make decisions that are “good financial sense.”

12.  I’m still waiting to be paid for my job in Iowa.  It’s the first time they’ve sent me home without a check.  I could really use the money.

13.  I’m on my fourth Diet Coke since I got home from work.  That was 2.5 hours ago.

14.  I wonder how many of my friends have “hid” me on Facebook.

15.  I started reading Stephen King’s new book “Under the Dome” on Monday.  I like it so far.  It’s been a while since he’s written a book that I really liked.

16.  The Stand is my favorite Stephen King book.

17.  I like The Shining too.

18.  I know I should underline those book titles but I’m too lazy.

19.  I got my dream schedule for next week.  I pissed a few people off because I was pretty selfish in my choice.

20.  I told the bar manager tonight that Troy should never be scheduled on service bar again.  I told him that my dead grandmother has more of a sense of urgency than Troy ever will.

21.  I bought two new lamps.  I don’t like either of them.  They are both too big.

22.  I’m into wearing hats these days.  I actually only wear two hats.  One that I can wear to work.  And my hat from grad school.  I think it’s because I don’t like my hair.

23.  I take my camera everywhere.  I NEVER take pictures.

24.  My brother has a new boyfriend.  That’s all I know.  I’ll keep you posted.

25.  I bought a scanner in August.  It’s still in the box.  I haven’t opened it yet.  I hope it works.

26.  I only have one 24 pack of Diet Coke left.  This is an emergency.

27.  I like to look back at my blog and see what happened last year, the year before and the year before that.  It’s funny that I can recall exactly what I was talking about when I read them.

28.  There are two girls at work that I hate.  Santra.  Camillie or something like that.  They are evil through and through.  They don’t like me either.  In fact we don’t speak to each other unless we absolutely have to.  They are the first people at work that I really, really despise.

29.  We are putting our Christmas tree up on November 20th.  It’s early I know but thanks to Adam’s family it’s when it has to happen.

30.  Our Christmas party is going to be on Sunday, December 12.  Let me know if you want to come.

31.  My whole name is 23 letters.

32.  Adam wants me to get my last name tattooed on my arm.

33.  We are going to see Swan Lake on Saturday.  It’s the production where the “swan” is played by a man.  I saw it when it first played NYC.  I cried.  Adam will hate it.

34.  We saw Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson last night.  It rocked.  It was opening night.  I’d never been to an opening night of a Broadway show before.  We hoped Meryl Streep would be there.  Her daughter is engaged to the lead.  We did not see her.  Meryl.  We saw the daughter.  We also saw Andrew McCarthy.  And Liev Schrieber.

35.  I need new work shoes.

36.  I need new tennis shoes.

37.  I rescheduled my dentist appointment today for election day.  I want to take the day off to watch the returns.  So I’ll get a root canal and then watch the country fall apart into ruins.

38.  I don’t really have to have a root canal.

39.  It’s only five weeks till we put up our Xmas tree.  That’s scary.

40.  It rained today.  I forgot my umbrella.  I actually hate them so I never carry one.

41.  We have a Noreaster headed our way tomorrow.  I think they throw that term out when they want to scare us.

42.  I have a GI Joe lunch box on my book shelf.

43.  It’s time for Harper to get up and pee.  She does it every night around this time.  (It’s an hour later and she still hasn’t gotten up)

44.  I need to send in my last receipt for reimbursement for Iowa.  It’s for my car ride home from the airport.  It took almost an hour to get home.

45.  There are five lights on in my room right now.  Only one of them is really “functional.”  The others are just for “mood.”  None of them are compact fluorescents.  I HATE those.  We don’t use any in our home.

46.  All of the lights in the room come on with one remote control button.   We have four remote controls that we use.  One in the foyer.  One in the living room.  One in each of the two bedrooms.  We’ll add at least four more when we put up our tree.

47.  I just realized that most of what I’m telling you I told you last month.

48.  Oh.  WELL.

49.  I like watches.  I have a bunch.  I only wear one.

50.  I have three post it notes on my computer.  One reminding me that it’s Todd’s birthday.  One is from Adam.  It says I love you.  The other is from the Easter Bunny.

51.  The last CD I downloaded to my computer was “The Boyfriend.”  I’m very gay.

52.  My computer’s desktop is a mess.  I’m not very good at keeping it organized.

53.  I have a stack of bills to pay sitting on my real desktop.  If that check ever gets here from Iowa I might actually be able to pay them.

54.  I’ve been watching the TV show The Event.  I’m not sure what I think about it.  I watch it on Hulu because I’m not allowed to record things on the DVR.  Only Adam gets to use the DVR.

55.  He’ll ask me about number 54 tonight and I’ll assure him I was just kidding.  Which I am.

56.  We have a fake fireplace in our foyer.  It’s for storage.

57.  I have 12 more Facebook friends now than I did last time I posted one of these.

58.  It’s hard to think of these things.

59.  I like going to Iowa, but they aren’t very social.  I tend to spend most of my time there on my own.  You’d think they’d want to take me out to dinner or to  a movie etc.  I guess not.

60.  I watched the first episode of Dexter last night.  Hmmm.

61.  Are any of you watching The Big C?  I like it.  It makes me laugh.

62.  How about Raising Hope.  It makes me laugh out loud.

63.  We watch a lot of TV.

64.  I don’t have a favorite movie.  Or book.  I like a lot of them.  It’s hard for me to pick just one.

65.  My favorite play is Ragtime.  Would you like me to sing some of it for you?

66.  There are four clocks in this room.  They are all on the book shelf.  Three of them say it’s 4:20.  One of them says it’s 10:30.  I think I might need a new battery.

67.  On October 14, 2006 I posted my 100th post.  I’m not very good at keeping up now.

68.  It was my last night in San Diego.  The next day I loaded my truck and headed for NYC with Art.  UGH!

69.  It makes me happy when I do write though.

70.  On October 14, 2007 I worked my first cocktail shift at my restaurant.  I made more money in that shift than I’d ever made waiting tables before.  Now I’d consider it an average night.

71.  In 2008 I was telling my Sam story.  I only got about three episodes in before I went some place else.  I’m bad about that.

72.  In 2009 I ranted about a table that wanted to know the price of beer.  I remember that table well.

73.  I feel like I should be more diligent about writing so in another three or four years when I lose my mind completely there will be documentation.

74.  I sometimes worry about developing Alzheimer’s.  And that it will be full blown by the time I’m 50.

75.  I also worry that I’m getting Parkinson’s Disease.  My left hand has started shaking.  I’m probably being silly about both but I’m going to the doctor about the latter.

76.  When I first starting blogging I used initials for people’s names.  There are blog posts now that I don’t remember who I was talking about.  See number 74.

77.  It’s hard to think of these things.  Did I already say that?

78.   The view out of the second bedroom window is awful.  We need to move to someplace more exciting.

79.  There are 15 light sources in our living room.  Most nights when we are home together, they are all on.  We are not very good for the environment.

80.  There are 11 light sources in our foyer including a chandelier.  See number 79.

81.  We are very environmentally friendly in the kitchen.  We have four light source (plus the fridge light) and three of them are fluorescent.

82.  We have seven book shelves in our apartment.  Plus one built in.  They are all filled with books.

83.  The built in is for books that are special to us.  My old roommate Chuck’s books are on that shelf.

84.  I missed a light source in the living room.  Make that 16.

85.  I have an antique telephone in the foyer on a telephone table.  It has a real bell.

86.  We don’t have a land line.

87.  We are going to the Brooklyn Kitchen on Saturday to get Adam’s knives sharpened.  Should I be worried?

88.  I need to call my accountant tomorrow.  I don’t like calling him.

89.  I also need to call my insurance companies.  Both health and rental/car.

90.  I always talk about our apartment.  This weekend I’ll take photos and post them online.  We have an awesome apartment.

91.  Speaking of awesome.  Candy Corn!!!

92.  I didn’t call my mother today.  She’ll be passive aggressive about it tomorrow.

93.  I think Carl Paladino is an idiot.  Gay people are bad.  Women having sex with animals.  Good.  Hmmm.

94.  Christine O’Donnell is also an idiot.  She might be better off if she really was a witch.

95.  20 years ago I was barely political at all.  10 years ago I was sort of political.  Now I’m taking the day off to watch the election results.

96.  Why am I awake at 5:00 a.m.  I should have been in bed two hours ago.

97.  We are having Adam’s co-workers over for dinner on Halloween.  I’m thinking candy corn would make a nice dessert.

98.  The cookies I just finished were made with bacon grease.  You couldn’t taste the bacon.  They were not my favorite baked good Adam has made.

99.  I’ve learned to make the guest bed all by myself.  Ask Adam.  It was a big deal.  It has 8 pillows.  REALLY!

100.  ________________________________________________.  You guys fill in the last one with something you know about me.


6 thoughts on “Maddog Rambles again!!!!

  1. Lemuel October 15, 2010 / 05:36

    Your comments about candy corn remind me of a comedy sketch by Lewis Black in which he claims that all the candy corn that was ever made still exists. They just gather it up each year and recycle it. No one ever eats it. You should talk to Lewis Black.

    On a more serious note, you mentioned the shaking in your hand. Does anyone else (e.g., mother) have it? I have familial tremors inherited through my mother’s side of the family. Sometimes the tremors are so bad that I have to hold something with both hands to try to steady it. I would not wish them on anyone.

  2. Java October 15, 2010 / 07:28

    It would be cool to have your last name tattooed on your arm. It might, however, cause more conflict with the ugly public.
    “Ugly public” sounds funny when said out loud. Perhaps we should start a new political party: the Uglypublicans. I know a few people we could nominate for powerful public office, but I wouldn’t vote for them.

    Come by and read my blog sometime soon. I have interesting drama and shit going on.

  3. Karen October 16, 2010 / 09:49

    I have friends who have each other’s signature on the inside of their wrists. just their first names. looks really nice. Not sure why someone would want their own name on themselves, unless they are worried about being identified correctly should they die or develop amnesia.

  4. Karen October 17, 2010 / 20:46

    I’ve worried all day about that commnet I made above. I don’t mean to be critical at all!! Please don’t take it that way!

  5. Urspo October 17, 2010 / 23:20

    I like candy corn too; I am munching some now!

  6. richmonsoon October 18, 2010 / 17:59

    I once tried to start a blog. It didn’t go well. You left me a comment, I know that about you.(Pretty sure you are the only one who left one. It is apperciated) It was on my personal site. I am thinking of maybe trying to start a blog again. I wish I could write like you or any of the blogs I read. I tend to think candy corn is vile, that and peeps. I do know a few people who share your enthusiasm for it.

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