Angels Part One: The Friend Approaches.

So it’s Sunday afternoon.

Adam and I left the house early to deliver a birthday cake for a one year old.  It was shaped like a cat.  The cake not the one year old.  The delivery was in Queens.  For the umpteenth (did you know according to spell check this is a real word?  I did not know this.) time I told him that he needs to start charging for deliveries.  That way we can take a car to Queens and it won’t take 1.5 hours each way to get there.

So we deliver the cake.

And we get back to midtown and search for food.  After much discussing and looking we settle on a diner and we eat breakfast.  It was our least favorite diner breakfast ever, but that’s another story.

After breakfast we walk down the street to the Signature Theater where we are seeing Angels in America.  (Review to come later).  Our getting to see the show was no easy task.  When the production was first announced there was a ton of buzz about it.  Tickets were first sold in a subscription series and they sold out the first day.  Single tickets were sold around the first of August.  The day they went on sale Adam started calling at 10:00 a.m. when he got to work.  He gave up trying to get through about 10:30.  I made coffee and started trying.  It took almost an hour of constant hanging up and redialing to get through.  Finally the phone was answered.  By a machine.  Telling me the call would be answered in the order it was received.  Almost 30 minutes later someone actually answered my call.  I had at least ten friends on Facebook constantly updating their efforts to get through.  It was frustrating to say the least.  As I said review to follow.

So we arrive at the theater.  We pee.  Part one of Angels is 3 hours long.  Part two is 3.5 hours long.  You need to pee before you dive into that.  We go in we find our seats.  We start reading the program.  When someone says, “Oh my god.”  I turn and it’s my friend Jenny from grad school.  Her seat is right next to ours.  What a coincidence.

So she sits down and we chat.  I introduce her to Adam, and I ask her how things have been.  What’s she’s been up to.  Who she’s talked to etc.

The show starts.

We watch.

At the intermission I stay seated.  Adam goes to pee.  I continue talking to Jenny.  Adam returns.

The next part begins.

We watch.

At the next intermission (there are two) Jenny asks us to watch her stuff while she runs to the bathroom.  Adam says, “She’s a tool.”  I ask why?  He says, “She just seems like a piece of work.”

I go pee.

I run into another friend from grad school who is sitting on the other side of the theater.  (He tells me he’s able to focus on just playwriting because he “doesn’t” have to work.  Who doesn’t HAVE to work?   Where did I go wrong?”)

I go back in.

Adam goes to pee.

Jenny and Adam return.

The next part begins.

We watch.

The play is over.

Jenny is waiting in the lobby looking for yet another friend from grad school who is the stage manager on the show.  While she is waiting Adam asks if we should invite her to dinner.  I tell him that we don’t have to but it would probably be the nice thing to do.  She comes out.  I ask her to join us for dinner.

This is drama in and of itself because she has some digestive issue and can’t eat anything.

She assures us that she’ll be fine and we go get dinner.

At dinner we talk about the shows she’s worked on recently.  We talked about a lighting designer that neither of us liked.  We talked about the restaurant.  We talked about Sally.  And Angie.  And Tom.  We talk about her dating life.  We talked about her this and her that…

Jenny gets up to go pee.

Adam turns to me and says, “Hi my name is Adam.  I work for a ___________.  I decorate cakes in my spare time.  I’m from Texas.  I went to school at __________.  Jeff and I have been dating almost two years.  We met in Chelsea.  We moved in almost a year ago.  Can’t she fucking ask one question about you.  Me.  Or us?”

I don’t need to tell you the rest of the evening.  We went back to the theater.  We watched the second play.  It was 3.5 hours.  I liked it better than part one.

Because the Angels is two individual plays the tickets are sold separately.  So.  We didn’t sit next to Jenny for the second play.  We sat on the other side of the theater.

The play ended.

We go outside.  Adam asks if I want to stay and say goodbye to Jenny.  I say, “I’m kind of done with Jenny.”


I (We) talked to her on and off for almost two hours and NOT once did she ask anything about us.  I’m SERIOUSLY not exaggerating.   Not about where we met.  What Adam did for a living.  What shows I was working on.  I even mentioned that I had a design due and she didn’t even ask where or for what show.  She didn’t enquire once about me, Adam or our lives.  I don’t even know what to say about this.  I’ve been friends with people who are self centered.  I would never have said this about Jenny.  I always thought she was grounded and down to earth and well put together.  She’s always been friendly and polite.

Can someone explain to me a train of thought that would allow someone to act like this.

But I really am kind of done with her.

How can you be friends with someone who has no interest in your life?




2 thoughts on “Angels Part One: The Friend Approaches.

  1. Lemuel September 21, 2010 / 05:32

    My mind goes to the term “self-absorbed” rather than “self-centered”.

  2. Urspo September 21, 2010 / 23:48

    I concur: if somebody isn’t interested in you in your life I am not sure how that constitutes being a friend.

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