Friday Night in NYC!

How does it get to be so late.  I get home and look at the clock and it’s already 5:30.


Here is how my night ended.

When the restaurant closed I had four tables.  I got them all their last round of drinks and went back to my side work.  At 1:30 I dropped checks off at all the tables and told them I’d take them when they were ready.  Three of the tables immediately paid their tabs, and left soon after.

The two guys drinking whiskey on the rocks, Corona, and red bull did not.

I asked them again around 1:45 a.m. I told them needed to pay out.  They could finish their drinks but that I needed them to pay.

Now granted they didn’t speak English, but the restaurant is empty by now.  The lights are on.  The chairs about being put up on the tables.

I was stapling my credit card slips together and the manager walked by and asked me to close out the rest of my checks.  I told her that I’d be happy to if she’d get the two guys to pay their tab.

So she goes over and explains to them that they need to cash out.

The result is that the guys act as if they’ve been waiting all night to pay.  Hmmm.

One of them leaves for the restroom the other stays behind to pay the bill.  He’s being funny and trying to make jokes.

He gives me his credit card.  I run it and bring it back to him.

He hands me a 100 dollar bill and asks for change.  9 ten dollar bills.  And two fives.  He had to say it three times because I didn’t understand what the fuck he was saying.

I finally get it, and make change for him.

He hands me the credit card slip and very graciously hands me a five dollar bill.



A FIVE FUCKING DOLLAR BILL!@!$%&Y$#%#$%^  (that’s my head exploding).


They kept me there for almost an hour longer than I needed to be.  They ran up a 160 dollar check.  And then tipped me 5 dollars.

What a great way to end the night.


I hope they get run over by a horse drawn carriage walking home tonight.

I at least hope the hangover keeps them from screwing with anyone tomorrow night.


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