I hate my job.

Let me repeat that.





A lot!!!

So here the the most recent low down.

Since about two weeks after I started there I’ve been “cocktailing.”  Which means working much harder than anyone else and making a lot more money than anyone else.  For the past three years my schedule was basically the same.  Four night shifts, spread between sections 10 and 12.

Until now.

Next week I have two.  TWO.

Here’s the back story.

When this started happening I went to the GM.  We had a chat and I was told it would be better.

The next week it was not.

I went back to the GM and was told it would be better.

And it was.  Except one of the four shifts they scheduled me was on a day that I couldn’t work.  So I gave it away and only worked three days.

The next week.

And equally good schedule.

Except they once again scheduled me a day that I could not work.  Gave it up and only worked three days.

This week.

Back to the old schedule.


So tomorrow I’m going back into the GM.  And I’m going to tell him that I’m just about done with the whole situation.  You’d think after three years there’d be some seniority.  There be some loyalty.  But there is not.  It’s become clear that it’s every man for himself.

The only reason any of this is important is that if I work the shifts I’m scheduled next week I’m going to make about 400 dollars less than I would have made a year ago.  That’s in one week.  Do the math.  400 dollars a week for a month.  That’s 1600 dollars.  Fuck this shit.  I’d be hard pressed for anyone to tell me they’d give up that kind of money without a fight.

I’m really just tired of it.  I’m tired of holding my breath every time the schedule gets posted.  I’m tired on the arguments I have in my head on the train home.  I’m tired of negotiating.  I’m tired of the speeches I give about how fucked up the system is.

And the system.

The system is a ranking that is created for the servers using ridiculous criteria.

We ask our guests to do surveys.  In a perfect world you’ll score a 7.00 on a survey.  The restaurants goal is 6.0.  The problem with the survey is that there are a lot of things out of our control that can bring your survey average down.  If someone fills out a survey and the manager did not visit the table then your average just went down.  To about a 6.3.  If the food was cold.  Your average goes down.  If the host was rude.  Your average goes down.  And yet it is my job to get surveys above 6.0.  Do you know in the last month I’ve not had one single manager visit one of my tables.  NOT ONE.  And yet my schedule is based on their visits.

And the big catch to the survey?  You can do them yourself.  Yes.  It takes a computer and about five minutes of your time.  And what do you know.  A perfect 7.  And the best part.  They know this happens.  And they encourage it.  We are having a contest right now and the top 10 highest survey scores at the end of the month get to write their own schedule.  You better believe that I’ll win.  But I think it’s shit that my schedule is based on something so stupid.

We are expected to sell frequent flyer cards.  Buy it, track your money spent and get discounts when you reach a certain level.  I think it’s stupid.  I hate being asked to buy this type of shit at other places like Barnes and Noble etc.  I hate having to have a card to use at the grocery store.  Wouldn’t it make sense to just give everyone a discount.  And so I have to admit that I don’t really push it.  And my schedule is based on this.

Another catch.  I can buy one for myself.  Wait a month.  Cash in the original purchase price, because getting it back is part of the deal once it’s used.  And I’m out no money and suddenly my schedule improves.

We are expected to up sell.  Every restaurant expects this.  The way around this?  You can sell a burger add cheese rather than a cheeseburger.  The price is the same but the first way gets you up sell points.  Chicken nachos?  Why do that when you can sell nachos add chicken.  We also have people that just add on things to tables that don’t speak English.  If you don’t speak our language, you can’t really argue when the check comes.

These are the big three but every single item on the list is easily manipulated.  And why don’t I do just that?  Because I shouldn’t have to.  I work hard.  I out sell everyone in the restaurant.  I don’t have guest complaints.  I don’t need table visits.  I keep all my guests happy and I make money.  You’d think doing a good job would be enough.

But it’s not.

So tomorrow I get to go back into work.  Talk to Daniel.  In all of my other talks I’ve pointed out these things.  I’ve also told him that I don’t come to work high.  I don’t smoke pot in the back hallway.  I don’t sell pot in the employee bathroom.  I’ve never been written up.  I show up when I’m supposed to and get my shifts covered when I can’t.  I’m not rude to my guests.  I’m not rude to my co-workers.  I do a good job.  I go home.  I’d think that would be enough.

And instead I sit here typing out the argument that’s been in my head all night.

I just want to tell them all to fuck off and die.

But I can’t really do that.


3 thoughts on “Ugh!!!!

  1. Lemuel September 9, 2010 / 05:47

    As a customer I don’t like those surveys, cards, pressure to buy what I don’t want, etc. When I hear your side of the story it p.o.’s me even more – especially how your position/value as a server is based on factors that are beyond your control (e.g., the conduct of the manager/host/etc.)

  2. catrina September 9, 2010 / 16:25

    E-mail me the website for your store, and I’ll do surveys for you that’ll knock their socks off!
    I hate having a job that sucks the life out of ya! I hope your talk goes well, and don’t forget to let the GM know what you bring to the store…it seems your GM can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. Mike September 10, 2010 / 07:36

    I’d do it too. After all, I don’t have anything else to do all day.

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