Our weekend in Detroit.

We are home.

It was a lovely weekend.


But lovely.

We left Thursday night after Adam got off work.  We spent the night in Cuyahoga Falls.  We have become huge fans of Priceline.  After avoiding it for years we’ve used it three times in the past month.  We got an awesome hotel for 40 bucks in Cuyahoga Falls.  I just like saying Cuyahoga.

We drove on in to Detroit on Friday.  We got there just in time to drop off our luggage, shower and head across town to the rehearsal and dinner.

The couple getting married are old friends of Adam’s.  He did a show with one of them years ago and they bonded over A Prayer for Owen Meany and have been best friends ever since.  Adam was one of the groomsmen.  Both of the grooms, both named Joe, have a flair for the theatrical, are both very laid back, and both far from pretentious.

Their wedding supported all of these claims.

The wedding was held in the theater that the two of them run.  There was light choreography for the processional.  Adam did it very well I might add.  There was much laughing.  A reading from Showgirls.  Shakespeare in Love.  Dirty Dancing.  And several other fun movies.  All of the readings were presented humorously but they were very sweet and poignant.  A local comedian who has since moved to L.A. officiated.  She was funny.  Very funny.

The rehearsal took far too long, mostly because of the choreography.  And then we were treated to sandwiches and treats for dinner.

After the rehearsal we went back to the Joe’s and hung out till Joe 1 returned from taking his mother back to her hotel.

And then it was time for the bachelor party.  Of sorts.  It was late by the time Joe returned so we almost didn’t do anything.  But Adam realized we needed to do something so we went to Club Gold Coast.  Which is code for the local gay strip club.  We arrived, valet parked our car and then found our way inside.  We got drinks and sat down next to the “stage.”  For the next hour we watched strippers dance on their platforms, complete with a pole.  It takes talent to use those poles the way they are meant to be used.  Some of the guys were better than others.  Some were cuter than others.  Some were just sort of gross.  You should not strip in knee high socks.  No matter how you try it’s just not sexy.  In case you were wondering.

I found the whole thing funny.  First the guys can’t get naked.  They can dance in their underwear and they can show us their pubes but that’s about all.  I just sat and giggled.  The three of us watched but we were all careful not to stare because we didn’t want any of them approaching our table trying to get us to buy more than we wanted.  So we sat and watched, and watched.  And Adam and I finally decided that since it was Joe’s last night single he should get a lap dance.  We asked him which boy struck his fancy and wouldn’t you know, we all liked the same guy.  Josh.  So Adam went over and talked to Josh and told him that we’d like to buy our friend a lap dance.  And the money exchanged hands and Joe was led away to the back room.  He came back about 15 minutes later.  There wasn’t much to tell, at least that’s what he told us.

Then it was back home.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the green market with everyone else.  But Adam was tired so we slept in.  We met everyone for lunch and then went home to shower and got back to the theater to get ready for the wedding.  I’d been asked to do the lighting so I spent about 90 minutes setting up everything.  No one had explained to me that not only was I designing the lighting. I was also running the light board, the sound board, and the video.  Ugh.  I hate doing this under the best of circumstances.  What if I fuck up and ruin the wedding.  Oh, the pressure.

So we get set up.  The house is opened and the audience starts to arrive.

And at 5:00 the ceremony started.  And it was fun.  And funny.  And serious.  And people cried.  And laughed.  The whole thing went off without a hitch except that the pianist played the introduction to one of the songs and the singer realized it was being played in the wrong key.  There was this very awkward starting over thing.  And unfortunately there was a slide show that was timed to the music.  And suddenly I was trying to figure out how to stop the slides and start them over.  I told you I was going to ruin the wedding.  Luckily it was the only thing I remembered in my “how to” lecture.  Disaster avoided.

After the ceremony we all adjourned down the street for dinner.  In the laid back elegance of the wedding, dinner was pizza and beer.  And all I can say is that it was perfect.  Everyone chatted and drank beer and ate awesome pizza and there were speeches and a party crasher and all sorts of other fun festivities.

After dinner it was back to the theater for the reception.  It was an 80’s prom theme so of course there was 80’s music.  And the movie 16 Candles playing.  And there was 80’s candy.  And dancing.

The best part of the reception was the photo booth.  Adam and I both thought it was sort of silly when we first saw it.  But we are both trying to figure out now how to make it part of our own wedding.  The booth was in a corner, and there were costume elements available.  And basically people went in, posed for their 4 photos and came out.  Just like you’d expect.  There were two copies of the photo strips made.  One was given to the people in the photographs.  The other was pasted into a photo album.  Once it was in the album you could write a message to the couple.  People were in line all night taking photos.  We all spent an hour laughing on Sunday at the pictures.  It was an awesome idea.

At 10:00 everyone moved across the street to the local comedy club.  In honor of the occasion the comedy club presented an hour of improv based on stories of the Joes.  Someone would come up, tell a story and then the improv troupe would act it out.  Sort of.  Mostly they were funny.  I do have to say that I got a little uncomfortable for the parents, especially the conservative parents when the cum dumpster joke was being presented.  It actually wasn’t very funny and as Adam pointed out, it’s an easy out for improv to go to the dirty or obscene.

We then went back to the theater for more dancing and celebration.

Thank god it was finally time to go home.

Sunday consisted of a pool party for the wedding party and family.  There were about 20 of us who gathered at a friends house and hung out and drank beer and ate barbecue and chatted.  It was my favorite part of the weekend because it was the least stressful and it was the first time I’d actually been able to hang out and actually talk to people.

After the pool party we headed back to the theater to open presents.  Adam took notes while we all oohed and awed over the swag they collected.  The one funny moment was Adam spent the entire barbecue lusting after the Le Creuset pot the baked beans were in.  So we arrive to open present and what do you know the couple was given a very similar pot.  Adam was JEALOUS!!

After presents we went back to the Joes’ house to look at books.  Joe 1 is an avid reader.  Adam and I are avid readers.  So we raided Joe 1’s bookshelves.  He gave us about 15 books most of which had been on our list but we’d yet to pick up.

After books it was dinner time.

And finally around 9:00 on Sunday evening, we crawled back into our hotel room.


And then we drove home.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Our weekend in Detroit.

  1. Lemuel September 8, 2010 / 05:21

    It sounds like an awesome weekend and there is no wonder that you were tired!
    I found your comment about the photo booth interesting. In late July we attended a wedding for the son of one of my wife’s cousins. They had a very similar photo booth going at the reception. I had never heard of it. I like it much better than the throw away camera idea or the video guy sticking a mic in your face and asking you for a comment on the couple. (This wedding we attended had neither of those.) I absolutely hate the latter of those two. The photo booth thing was nice, though.

  2. dirkmancuso September 8, 2010 / 15:09

    The wedding sounds like it was (exhausting) but a lot of fun.

    I really like the whole photo booth idea and would love to see you and Adam’s pics. I bet you two are adorable together.

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