Maddog’s life in three minutes.

I’m having another one of those empty days.  I’ve written three sentences and just deleted them all.

So a quick update of things.

It’s possible a hurricane might hit NYC this weekend.  I wouldn’t really worry about it except that Harper will be home alone.  That and the fact that I just read an article that said the GWBridge could suffer unthinkable damage because of it’s height.  There are two real issues in NYC.  First none of the buildings are built to withstand that kind of wind.  Even a category 1 storm would reek havoc.  And second most of the area south of Canal Street would experience severe flooding.  And almost everything at the bottom tip would be under water because it’s all below sea level.  All of the subways in lower Manhattan would be flooded as well as the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels.  The article actually said that evacuating the island would be a nightmare because all of the ways off the island would be impassable.  Hmm.  Makes for an interesting weekend.  Of course says the whole weekend is going to be sunny so I suppose we don’t have to worry.

Adam and I leave tomorrow afternoon to drive to Detroit.  We are going to a fake gay wedding.  I say fake because thanks to the millions and millions of bigots out there Adam’s friend’s Joe and Joe can’t get real married.  Of course you still have to buy a present for a fake wedding so I suppose it’s not all bad for them.  Anyway I pick Adam up at 4:00 tomorrow from work and with any luck, we’ll have stopped at the McDonald’s on 34th Street (they have a drive through) and be on our way out of the city by 5:00.  We are driving to Youngstown, PA where we will spend the night.  We were going to do the whole drive tomorrow but Adam thought asking off from work after missing a week of work wasn’t necessarily the best move.  So we are doing it in two sections.  We’ll drive the rest of the way in on Friday just in time for the rehearsal.  There is to be light choreography for the participants, of which Adam is one.  If there is video I’ll post it.  We’ll back late on Monday just in time to start another glorious week of work.

I did the math this afternoon of how much money I’ve lost by not working all those shift I called in sick for or gave up.  I’d have a down payment for a house or paid off a huge chunk of my student loans if I just worked when I was supposed to.

Don’t judge!!!!

You’d skip work occasionally too if you could.

I’ve learned to detest running into people I know on the subway on my way home from work.  A girl from work walked up to me tonight just as I was about to crack open my book.  Luckily she only chatted with me for about 10 minutes before making her way down the platform.  I like my trip home to be relaxing and I spend it reading.  I do worry about how lost I get in the book sometimes.  I’m not careful of my surroundings at all and I worry that I’ll be mugged on the subway one night because I’m not paying attention.

I’m really worried about the fucking upstairs neighbors.  They left the fucking candle burning again tonight.  If this is still going on when we get back I’m going to leave a note on their door.  They have a right to be all romantic and shit but I don’t want them to burn the damn building down while they are doing it.  Let’s be responsible people.

Adam’s will probably be mad at me in the morning.  I woke him up watching Rachel Maddow online when I got home tonight.  I’m usually super sensitive to how loud the computer is.  Tonight I guess I didn’t do so well.

That’s it.  It’s 5:15.  I need to shower and get in bed.  I have to do the late shift driving tomorrow night and I need to get some sleep if I’m going to stay awake doing it.

I’ll see you guys at the beginning of the week.


3 thoughts on “Maddog’s life in three minutes.

  1. Lemuel September 2, 2010 / 06:34

    A safe journey to you and Adam, and enjoy the wedding.

  2. Java September 2, 2010 / 21:20

    Have a good trip to PA. So, Joe and Joe are getting fake married? I like how they’ve even coordinated their names. Tres chic. I hope they can get real married soon soon soon. I hope you and Adam can get real married soon, too, but I guess you have to propose to him first.

    You’ll be off the island during the hurricane, anyway. Hope you don’t (didn’t?) run into any wild evacuation traffic on your way out of town tonight.

    You’re pretty interesting even when you (think you) don’t have anything to say. I’m glad you’re posting more often again.

  3. Urspo September 2, 2010 / 22:36

    and have a good and safe trip. I grew up in the Detroit area – it is not looking too well these days.
    Don’t worry about New York City, Earl isn’t going to do much for being near it after all.

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