Separate and Lonely!

It’s August.

I spent the entire month of July in Kentucky.

Away from Adam.

We are both VERY co-dependent.  We do everything together.  NEVER do we socialize apart when the other is free.  I’d never say that I’m going to to the movies on a Saturday afternoon while he bakes a cake.  It’s just not done that way.  If we are off work together then we are spending time together.

And speaking for myself I think it’s great.

I also tend to get a little grumpy when we have to go too long without seeing each other.  We live together but during the week we don’t actually get to see each other awake at all.

I’m asleep when Adam leaves for work.  Adam’s at work when I leave for work.  I’m gone when he gets home.  He’s asleep when I get home.  The entire process can be repeated five times depending on our work schedules.  Last week was especially hard because I worked all five days.  Typically my weeks are only four days.

So the idea of being away from Adam for a month was daunting to say the least.

It also doesn’t help that a year ago I went to California to do a show and didn’t do my best at calling as much as I should.  He’s never let me live that down.

So on Sunday, June 27th I got into my car and left NYC headed to Kentucky.  It’s very hard to drive away and see your boyfriend in the rear view mirror.  Very hard indeed.  It’s made worse by the reality that the first time I ever did that I was moving to Alabama and I was leaving Sam behind.  He was bawling like a baby.   24 hours later I’d been replaced.  It brings up not so nice memories.  So there I was driving away, knowing that I wouldn’t see him for four weeks.

It was hard.

Sometimes you just need a hug.

I think I was good about checking in.  I called a lot.  As much as I could actually.  There were really only a few days that were tricky.  Since we rehearsed at night there were times that I couldn’t talk to him because of the schedule and he was in bed before we got to a stopping part.  I also slept late most days so he didn’t hear from me till 2:00 or 4:00 or even later.

I think we did okay.  I counted down the days.  I sent him cards telling him how much I missed him.  I sent him a care package.  Little things that I picked up for him.

And eventually, on August 23rd he flew to Kentucky.  I picked him up at the airport and I’d never been so happy to see someone ever.

He spent the weekend with me and then on Tuesday we drove back to NYC.  We had fun.  I’ll fill you in on those details this week.


2 thoughts on “Separate and Lonely!

  1. Lemuel August 10, 2010 / 05:26

    I hope you two always have that kind of commitment to and love for each other!

  2. javabear August 10, 2010 / 10:34

    The difference in your schedules makes it all the more special when you can spend time awake together. I’m glad you two are once again living in the same apartment, at least.

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