It’s En Route!

I really shouldn’t be surprised.  Not at all.

But you know me.  Always trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

Last week I ordered a new TV.  And a scanner.

I ordered them from Dell because the TV we wanted was about 25 dollars cheaper on their site than it was at a retail store.  And with free delivery it seemed to make sense.

So last Thursday I called them up.

And eventually got to someone.

The first thing they did was tell me I didn’t want the TV I wanted that I wanted a bigger TV.  I’d of course love the 72″ flat panel TV.  Adam would divorce me if they delivered that.  I insisted that I wanted the smaller TV.  But it’s not the best value I was told.  Yes, but since I’m paying I get the one that I want.

Buying the scanner was even more difficult.  The guy had no idea what he was doing/selling.  I asked some very basic questions which he was unable to answer.  I finally closed my eyes, picked one and placed the order.

Next came the delivery information.  I was having the stuff shipped to Adam’s office.  There is always someone there, it’s easy to pick the stuff up on the weekend and it’s convenient for us.  I told the guy the address three times because for some reason he was having issues with the company name and that it wasn’t an apartment it was the 5th floor.

Finally after 45 minutes, my order was placed.  I hung up and texted Adam that we had just bought a new TV.

I woke up today to my phone getting a text.

It was from Chuck my old roommate wanting to know if I’d ordered a scanner and had it shipped to his office.




The last time I’d ordered something from Dell I’d had it delivered to Chuck.



I haven’t even gotten to the good part of the story yet.

So I’m pissed and I pull out my trusty cell phone and I call Dell.  I want someone to explain to me why I have to go across town to pick up an order that was supposed to be delivered just up the street.

So I call.  And after pressing “0” a bunch of times and telling the automated voice that I needed customer service I was patched through to someone.

Basically an idiot.

I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed, but as calmly as I could I explained that I’d placed an order last week and that it had been delivered to the wrong address and wanted to know how to go about having it delivered to the right address.

I was asked for my order number.  I gave it to him.  And this is when the fun started that made steam come out of my ears.

I was informed that Yes, I had placed an order last week.  But it was not due to be shipped until the 8th.  So it was too early to be checking on the status.  I explained the problem again and was told that the order was not do to be shipped until the 8th yet again.  Less nicely I explained again.

I was told he would check on it.

He came back on the line and told me that yes, indeed it had been shipped but it had NOT been delivered yet.  It was in route.  Even less nicely I explained that it had INDEED been delivered to the WRONG address.

And this is when my head exploded.

For the next ten minutes I was told that I was mistaken.  The order had not been delivered.  He could see the status of the order and that it was in route.  I would have to wait for the order to be delivered for them to change the address.  By this time I was screaming.

I finally asked to speak to a manager and was told “He’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told you.  The order is in route and has NOT been delivered.”

He wouldn’t let me speak to a manager so I eventually called him an idiot and hung up.

I  called right back

And got through to customer service.

And immediately asked for a manager.

And immediately was asked what my problem was.

And immediately told the guy that unless he was a manager and could fix the situation that I really wasn’t in the mood to tell him.  And that I would become even angrier if I had to explain it to him and then again to his manager.

I was finally given to a manager.

Who told me the same thing.  IT HAS NOT BEEN DELIVERED YET.

Trying to stay calm I explained yet again what was going on.

Eventually I was told that if indeed it had been delivered there was very little they could do.




IF it had been delivered.

This was just the scanner.  Who knows where the TV will end up.  I’m still pissed.  Even more so after typing this.  How fucking stupid do you have to be to tell someone that their order is in route when it’s sitting right in front of them.  FUCK!

The manager called back tonight while I was at work.  He told me he’d call back tomorrow.  We’ll see.  I’d like to tell him that I’m returning it all and will buy it from someone else who doesn’t have their head stuck up their ass!


5 thoughts on “It’s En Route!

  1. Lemuel August 4, 2010 / 05:33

    A very similar thing happened to me earlier this spring with Homo Depot. I was looking for landscape edging for my yard. I found stuff from HD that was supposed to be better than sliced bread and even easier to install, but it was only available on line. I ordered three boxes (what I needed) and got an email with the expected delivery date. It was on my door step within two days (much sooner). I opened one box and tried to install it. I repeated the “Maddog mantra” [F*! F*! F*! … 😉 ] It was a piece of crap! I’ve never worked with anything quite so miserable! So the confirmation email told me I could return it to the store or ship it back via UPS($). Since we have a major store close by, I chose to take to the store (along with copies of the email confirmations, etc.).

    When I took the two unopened boxes into the store to the “returns”, they told me I could not return it “because it had NOT YET BEEN SHIPPED”!!!! THEY WERE STARING AT THE TWO BOXES IN MY CART!! They put me on the phone with “corporate” who repeated the same thing and who refused to let me return it because “I had not yet received it”. I calmly told them that if they would not take it back, it would be the last time I would purchase anything from their stores. They told me that their “hands were tied” because their system told them that the items had not yet been shipped.

    So I marched over to the UPS place and paid to ship them back. Eventually I received confirmation that they had been returned and my account had been credited. Meanwhile I shredded my HD credit card and I have not darkened their doors since.

  2. Rick August 4, 2010 / 06:18

    Obvious screw up…technology!

  3. javabear August 4, 2010 / 11:43

    I don’t understand how people can be so stupid. My husband calls that too stupid to live.

  4. Chuck August 4, 2010 / 20:56

    I don’t know about stupid, but if a TV shows up at my office – I’ll be very tempted to use the “it never shipped” line myself. (Makes me wish he’d ordered the 72″ model)

  5. Urspo August 5, 2010 / 00:15

    what an ordeal; yikes.

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