It’s a Drag.

I’m going to try and work through my list systematically.  Which means I’ll cover the first two items, get distracted, write about something else, and then disappear for two months.

So let’s talk Maine.

It’s been four years since I designed my first drag show in Maine.

This is the link if you want to take a look.  There are pictures on the day after this post.

Four years.

A lot has happened since then.

In 2006 they performed the show in a two car garage with four PAR cans and a cd player that skipped if they danced to hard.

This past year they sold out two shows, in a theater that seats 400+ people.  The  budget for the first show was 50 dollars, this year the budget was well over 10,000 dollars.   They not only hired me to do lighting and sort of direct, they hired a scenery designer to design the over all look of the show.  Their shows are well thought out, funny and entertaining.

The great thing about these shows is that I get to work with some amazing people.  In the post from four years ago I mention that I didn’t even know their last names.  Now they are family.  They’ve all been to my house at one time or another and I know they’d give me the world if I needed it.  I can’t even imagine my life without them in it.

This years show was called Rainbow Fried Circus.  It was traditional circus meets freak show.  There were Siamese Twins, a bearded lady, a psychotic clown, a VERY hot magician and a man with two dicks.  They even had a old fashioned revival where the Bubba, the preacher, fucked a girl back to life after she choked on a turkey leg.

This years show was tamer than some have been.

Of course the entire show is created and performed with a beer in hand.  We spent lots of time in Michelle’s backyard figuring out how to make the show better.  Acts were re-staged.  Cut.  Re-invented.  Cut and re-invented yet again.  And then the curtain went up and as always the show was magical.

The day after the show always involves striking (taking everything out of the theater) and then gathering for a last meal together.  This year it was at Michelle’s.  There was much drinking, much analyzing, and much discussion of how to make next year’s show even better.

I already have them pencilled in.

I thought I could find video but it’s not where I thought it would be.

When I can get some I’ll post it.


3 thoughts on “It’s a Drag.

  1. javabear August 2, 2010 / 00:38

    Wow, you’re right. A lot has happened in four years. This looks like a very fun event.

  2. Lemuel August 2, 2010 / 05:07

    From a garage to a theatre in 4 years! Good going!

  3. Urspo August 2, 2010 / 23:41

    I am glad to see you posting.
    It’s always fun to look at an event “several years later”.

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