I don’t think they are ALL bad.


I posted this link on Facebook last night.  It prompted a couple of my religious friends to pipe in saying not all christians are bad.  I agree with them.  Unfortunately after attending a VERY conservative southern baptist school it’s hard to get past their rhetoric.  This was my response tonight.

First of all I don’t think all christian’s are bad. I have never said that. I DO however think that the christians we hear the most from ARE.

It’s no secret that I am gay. Sorry to break that news to you if you didn’t already know. From the time I knew what being gay was (thank you TV show Alice) I’ve known that there was something wrong with it. It was something you didn’t discuss. When it was discussed it was done so in hushed tones. I remember my uncle talking about beating a guy at a truck stop with a tire iron who’d come on to him. I sat in church and heard the evils of living such a life preached against. I went to college where no one dared even talk about it let alone realize that there was a huge gay population on campus hiding. And all of this was done in the name of christianity.

Twenty years later there are people still being raised in communities such as these. It’s 2010 and 15 year olds are being taught that being gay is bad. It’s a sin. It’s a choice that is/should be punishable by death. There are still teens being thrown out of their houses. There are teens being persecuted. There are teens being committed to psych wards for treatment of their homosexuality. And all TOO many teens turn to suicide after being taught that there is no cure for this deadly disease. AND all of this is in the name of religion. And I’d bet 90% has the word christianity attached to it.

If you turn on the TV Hilary I doubt very seriously your church was on preaching it’s tolerance. Amy I’d bet your mom wasn’t on TV either. You know who made the news tonight? NOM. The National Organization for Marriage. Don’t know who they are? Look them up. They are doing a national tour to spread their lies of deceit about homosexuality. Almost all of it is disguised in christianity. Might as well mention Focus on the Family and Family Research Council too. Or Pat Robertson who is still preaching that Katrina was caused by rampant homosexuality. He has almost a million viewers nightly. These organizations get their word out daily about the evils of homosexuality.

And the problem is that people are listening. LOTS of people are listening. You don’t sit in a pew every Sunday listening to ministers/preachers/priests preach hate without starting to believe what they are saying. If you didn’t believe them you’d get up and march out the back door and find a church that didn’t shroud itself in these beliefs.

And what millions of these people don’t realize is that everyday for every person they convert there is a person who turns their back on faith. I really thought I was a christian in college. And then I woke up one day and realized there was absolutely nothing being taught that I wanted to believe in. After doing some research I’ve come to my own conclusion that I don’t have to ask some imaginary person to make me well. Or to pay my bills. Or to forgive me. I have the capacity to do all of those things for myself. I have surrounded myself with family and friends who don’t judge and it truly is the best form of religion I’ve experienced. I strive to be a loving person. I try and treat people with the respect they deserve and all I ask in return is the same. No more. No less.

Jayne, I challenged you a week ago. And I’m going to continue to challenge you. I have no idea what church/denomination you go to. For all I know you belong to a church that is the most caring understanding people I know. If however, that doesn’t describe your church, then work to make it that. If your minister preaches intolerance from the pulpit explain to him that you don’t agree. If your congregation form groups to protest gay marriage stand up and explain that it’s unfair of them to force their christian beliefs on anyone. It only takes one to turn the tide. Stand up and demand that your fellow believers starting practicing being more christian.

I don’t say this mildly. Until there is no more bigotry. Till there are no more 15 year olds being kicked out of their homes for being gay. Till there are no more gay men and women killed for loving whom they please. Till gay men and women can serve openly in the military. Till I can ask Adam to marry me and know that it’s not just a commitment ceremony but a ceremony that makes my love for him not only a private contract but a legal contract then I’m going to keep posting these things on Facebook. I know it’s a tiny forum but I’ve managed to change one mind on here, and who knows maybe all of you will go to church on Sunday and share what I’ve said here.


3 thoughts on “I don’t think they are ALL bad.

  1. Lemuel July 31, 2010 / 06:55

    Well stated. I take some joy in the fact that the present pastor of the congregation with whom I worship is open and accepting of LGBT’s. She has never preached the hate and has in fact preached acceptance. The sadness is that this congregation was barraged for years by a homophobic pastor and so our pastor daily faces the ingrained homophobia that lies just beneath. She and I have had more than a few conversations about it. I stay there to support her.

  2. javabear August 1, 2010 / 10:15

    “And what millions of these people don’t realize is that everyday for every person they convert there is a person who turns their back on faith.”

    This has a ring of truth about it. And what you said about walking out the door if you don’t believe the hate being preached, well, that is essentially what I did. I used to be an active member of a Christian church. Then I learned the truth about homosexuality and I can’t go back to church. I can’t stand to be there.

    Thanks for this post.

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