A Letter to my favorite Facebook friend.

I’ve tried for months to be calm in the rhetoric used on your Facebook page. For months! I’ve found it to be harder and harder. So today I did what I should have done months ago and unfriended you.

I find much of what you and more importantly what your “friends” say to be offensive. The discourse on your page is not political. It’s intended to perpetuate the fear that has been breeding for the past year. Based on the comments you post and your friends post, you would have me believe that the end of the world is upon us and that the only way to protect ourselves is to buy a gun, a flag and some indignation.

Today was the final straw. To have someone say to me that being called a “teabagger” is in some way equivalent to being called a “nigger” or a “faggot” is unbelievable. You are a political movement. You can choose to be in it or choose not to be in it. I on the other hand can not choose to be straight. I also doubt very seriously if you’ve ever felt threatened being a member of the teaparty. I on the other hand know what it’s like to walk down the street in fear. I know what it’s like to stop holding my boyfriend’s hand because I’m unsure as to whether it is safe or not. And I have it easy. The term “nigger” is far worse. That word uttered by a white man is meant to denigrate and cause fear. There are people in this world who’d rather see a faggot or nigger dead, than alive.

As for your political leanings, really? REALLY?

The conservative right seeks to gain power through fear and intimidation. Don’t believe me? Turn off Fox News and turn on any other news source. Yes, I know it’s the mainstream media and they are liberal leaning but just listen. I don’t know a single statement issued by the right concerning the healthcare bill that was correct. Death panels? Funding for abortions. Socialism. You have a note on your page that lists line after line of fear based “facts.” None of these things are true. None of them. They are opinions tossed into the arena to insight fear. What scares me is that it’s working. Too many people are buying into what you are preaching, with little thought to the consequences.

Don’t think you are using fear as a way to get your message across? You applaud when a man shows up with a gun at a presidential rally. You preach that every bill that’s been presented since Obama took office is moving us toward socialism, marxism, communism, fascism. You use every opportunity possible to lead us to believe that Obama is muslim. (Which in itself is offensive, with the under lying message being that all muslims are bad). You throw the word tyranny around as much as you can. You combine Obama with Bin Laden at the drop of a hat. And this is just the beginning.

You spend countless hours trying to convince your followers that Obama doesn’t believe that our country is a Christian nation. Nothing gets a bunch of conservatives riled up faster than to be told that their god is not the only god. You spend just as much time telling people that abortions will not only be available but can be forced upon unsuspecting people. And the left would like nothing more than to pry those guns from your cold dead hands. You’ve convinced my mother that if Obama has his way that her Medicare will be cut in half and she’ll no longer be able to afford healthcare. You’ve even gone so far as to say that Obama is creating his own private “brown shirt” army that is meant to suppress the “people” You personally have published articles comparing Obama to Hitler. You have notes that are titled “Sobering Steps From Freedom to Fascism.”

And the reality is that if you didn’t have fear then you wouldn’t really have a movement. You take advantage of people who are upset with their lives and convince them that it’s the government’s fault. They’ve lost their jobs, their houses, the American dream. And yes it’s great to get political and want to change things, but don’t lead them down the road by telling them they wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for the government. What you forget to tell them is what the government is doing that’s good for them. Taxes suck. But have any idea what our infrastructure would look like if we didn’t pay them. Sure using tax dollars to pay for healthcare sucks. Either way the government pays for those that are uninsured. Sure there are illegal immigrants using our system. What would you suggest? That we deny them healthcare and let them die?

Unfortunately all of this fear bating is starting to have it’s effect. The violence we saw when the healthcare bill passed I fear will be just the beginning. You can’t tell people that the government is calling for an end to life as they know it and not expect them to react. This week members of a Michigan militia were arrested and there are too many people out there, including your “friends” who see their capture as a bad thing. It should be their right to bear arms and prepare for the end. Of course all of this is fine and good till people start getting hurt. Every report right now says that the biggest threat to our country is domestic terrorism. I’m far less scared of Bin Laden than I am what you call the “fringes” of the tea party movement.

And now for the icing on the cake. You have a friend that is making veiled threats against the President of the United States of America. Many of your group have forgotten that we voted him into office using the guidelines of our democracy. To think any differently does more damage to our country than socialized medicine will ever do. Your friend has suggested that Obama be tarred and feathered. It isn’t a euphemism. He recently suggested we’d all be better off if they were just laid out end to end. Once again, a not so subtle wish that Obama, Pelosi, etc be dead. Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. I’ve read and re-read the comments and it’s hard not to read between the lines. Like I said, they are veiled so he can always deny that’s what he meant.

And at the end of the day, none of this is political discourse. There is no debating. I rarely hear anyone from the tea party movement argue their points without the use of their key terms and fears. And I will leave you with this: What do you really think would be the result of voting out the democrats in the next four years? Do you really think all your prayers will be answered? You don’t like hearing it, but much of what we are dealing with right now, didn’t happen in the last 12 months. The Republicans did their fare share of screwing things up. So feel free to protest but for god’s sake please stop using fear as the basis for your arguments. Stop holding the political system hostage. I really do believe that eventually people will realize what it is that you are actually selling.




3 thoughts on “A Letter to my favorite Facebook friend.

  1. catrina March 31, 2010 / 16:22


  2. Lemuel April 1, 2010 / 05:52

    Very well and comprehensively said.

  3. Sarah April 1, 2010 / 07:57

    And thus the lone voice of reason among that woman’s comments takes its leave.

    I hope you took a moment to point out to her that while she obviously appreciates the company of bigots and she should be careful about the company keeps as it doesn’t reflect well on her character or judgment.

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