Let’s Chat.

Remember conservative girl who I know from college that I’m friends with on Facebook?

We’ll call her Melissa.  Mostly because that’s her name.

I asked you guys about a month ago what to do considering her views are about as conservative as they come and she’s always posting things that make me crazy.

I’ve commented on two of her posts since then.

The first was a post that basically said until we kill every Muslim we’ll be fighting terrorism.

And the second was today when she posted an article saying that the Dutch health care system wants to kill all people over 70.

As you can see both statements are pretty far fetched.

The first time, I got a correction of a word I used wrong from one of her friends.

(I’m of a firm belief that if the only argument you can make against a statement is to grammatically correct it, then you don’t really have much of an argument.)

Tonight, she responded, tried to backtrack and then did the unthinkable.

She IM’d me on Facebook.

I started to ignore her.

I decided not to.

We chatted for about 30 minutes.  We didn’t say much it’s just that Facebook’s chat system leaves a little to be desired.

To cut to the chase I told her that although I can respect her conservative fiscal ideas, I don’t agree but I can respect them, but that I find almost all of her social ideas insulting.  She assured me that she didn’t mean to alienate me or to think less of me because I’m gay.  I told her that I’d have never known this.

When it was all said and done it was very cordial.

I left it with this statement.

You say that you are very accepting of gays and that you are not judgmental.  You have 2,200 friends.  You have a platform to preach acceptance rather than hate.  If what you say is true use that platform to encourage your “friends” to do the same.

I doubt very seriously this will happen.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat.

  1. Peter March 13, 2010 / 11:24

    OMG! I’m on the Dutch healthcare system and I’ve only 16 years of life left, before they kill me off at 70!!!

    Let me tell you, we have the oldest people in Europe getting 90 or older is just common here. And our healthcare is costly but fabulous at the same time.

    You better cut Melissa loose and start to ignore here, she has some strange ideas. I’ve one question for her… Did she ever go abroad [I don’t mean Canada] and visted another country and saw for herself [not the eyes of Fox-news] how people live in nations where we have the welfare to take care for our less fortunate citizens?

  2. Urspo March 13, 2010 / 17:45

    I am not holding my breath either.
    On the other hand – if you should want this assignment – the more you get to know her/she know you the less abstract ‘gay people become’. It is harder to preach hate and nonsense when you know someone personally who will respond to it. A sort of “gee, what would Mad dog think?” as she types.

  3. Rick March 14, 2010 / 12:03

    I have found separating myself from people that are not to my liking the best result: unfriend her or if that’s not realistic let her be and spend your time with others.

  4. Sarah March 15, 2010 / 09:51

    Hey, I’m an American living in Canada and, trust me, this country is way different from the US. They think Americans are just as bat-shit crazy as Europeans do.

    A couple weeks ago I watched this several years old documentary George Stephanopoulos did about the political divide in the US. It focused on several academic studies that showed the more like-minded individuals hang together the more they reinforce their own values and drive those values away from moderate beliefs to radical beliefs. Engaging people who think differently is how we can positively influence people. Absolutely it’s a tough row to hoe, but if he can get this woman to drop her homophobic attitude maybe she will become a positive influence on her friends. Nothing like a convert to sell an idea.

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