Stupid is as stupid does.

There is nothing less attractive than a woman who acts stupid to get a man.

I waited on a couple today and either this woman was terrified that her man wasn’t going to like her if she could string two sentences together or she should be playing soccer for the special olympics.  She was blond and pretty, and she oohed and ahhed and gushed.  And spent fifteen minutes trying to choose a drink from the drink menu.  The whole time I’m standing there wanting to slap her face and tell her to get with it.  I’d share some of the dialogue but I don’t think I could do it justice.  In three minutes she set women’s rights back 200 years.

And the best part.

I finally walked away and told her to take her time and that I’d be back.

I return five minutes later and in her trying to be sexy voice says, “I’ll just have a water.”



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