I should have gone to bed hours ago.

I find that when I don’t know what to write about I postpone going to bed hoping that something will come to me.

So far it has not.

I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed at work tonight.

I didn’t expect people to jump and down with joy and give me the key to the restaurant, but I did expect a little more than what I got.  Which was pretty much nothing.

The AGM didn’t even speak to me today.  I was sort of curious if I pissed him off by catching the guy.

There was a brief mention of keeping our eyes sharp at pre-shift but no real acknowledgement of what had gone down the night before.

Mostly it was just business as usual.

Which is sort of good I supposed.

I don’t know what I was expecting really.  I just know that I didn’t get it.

I want to start another blog about the restaurant industry.

Most of the posts I have about work with some tweaking (losing names etc.) could be cut and pasted in to the other blog.  I want it to be restaurant specific and tell ALL of the stupid things we deal with everyday.  I’ve suggested to my friend Bonnie that we do this together.  I don’t know if she’ll want to play or not.  I think I’ll do it whether she wants to play or not.  The one thing I do know is that I don’t want it to get out because we can’t talk about how insane our bosses and co-workers are if we do.

Of course as with all blogs I need a name for it.

So that’s my question for everyone tonight…

What should I call my blog about the restaurant service industry?

Any and all suggestions welcomed.


One thought on “Tuesday.

  1. Karen March 3, 2010 / 16:32

    R.S.I. – FAIL

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