Maddog’s Troubling Night.

This was my night:

I yelled at the food runner.


I told one guest I didn’t have time to find him a place at the bar.

I told one guest if he couldn’t order from me then he couldn’t sit at my counter.

They both complained.

To a manager.

I had a guest who comes up and tells me he’s 3 dollars short on his bill.

I tried to get the manager to listen to me which resulted in:

I yelled at the manager.

He yelled at me telling me to never yell at him again on the floor.

I yelled back and told him to not yell at me in front of my c0-workers.

He yelled at me to clock out and go home.

By this time I’m tired of yelling and I said,

I’m not going anywhere.

He said,


I said,

I’m not going home.

So I go back to waiting tables.  Nothing like conflict to lower my blood pressure and keep me calm.  Which I am by this point.

He brings the 6’4″ big black kitchen manager out to back him up and says,


I follow him to the office.

He says,

Hand over your tables, cash out and go home.

I say,

Shouldn’t we talk about this first.

He says,

We can talk about.  Tomorrow with the GM.

I say,

Okay.  But I’m still not going home.

He says,


I say,

I told you I’m not going anywhere.  I yelled.  I’m sorry.  It happens.  It wasn’t personal.  I yelled.  You yelled.  We are even.

He takes a deep breath.

I take a deep breath.

I say,

Are we good?  Holding out my hand to shake his.

He says,

Yeah.  We’re good.

I apologize again.

And go back to work.

Whew!  One firing avoided!!!

In two years of working there he’s the only manager I’ve ever yelled at.  And he’s the only one to yell at me.  Hmm.  Do we perhaps see the problem here. (I’m not the only one who has a problem with this manager.)


I got home at 2:45 tonight.  I’m supposed to be at an all staff employee at 7:30 a.m.  Which meant that had I come home, skipped dinner.   Didn’t shower.  Didn’t brush my teeth.  I could have gotten to bed at 3:00.  Which meant that I’d have to get up at 6:30 to be out the door and on the subway by 6:45.  To take the 30 minute train ride downtown to get to my meeting.  Which means that I would have about 3.5 hours of sleep to function on tomorrow.

I’m old.

Way too old for this.

So I’m going to conveniently oversleep tomorrow.  I’ll explain tomorrow night when I get to work.  I’ve never missed one before and chances are no one will even know that I’m not there.  I’m sure when I explain that I’m too old to function on just three hours of sleep they’ll understand.  If not then perhaps I can yell at them and start the whole scenario over again.


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