Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Work was better tonight.  Not great but better.  I’ve been trying to just go with it and make the best of it.  It’s just been hard lately.

So my friend Tracy who works at the school in San Diego I’m applying to sent me this message tonight:

I wanted you to know that the budget for new hires was not approved for the new positions.  This means that the positions you and I have both applied for are being postponed until next year….

I am really disappointed for us both, but I wanted you to know so you can put your focus somewhere else…at least for another year…..

I did talk to someone on the committee about you and your amazing skills so maybe a year from now things will work out…..

Hope you are well in the snowy north….




Now what do I do?  I have decided against the job in Pennsylvania.  I think if Adam and I are going to move out of the city to somewhere smaller than we anticipated, we need to have many more discussions, so that no one is upset.  I would hate it if we moved and he resented me for it, or we moved and he couldn’t get work, or we moved and we couldn’t hold hands in a restaurant, or we moved and we broke up because of it.

I’d hate it.

So we need to do some more talking.

I did see an ad today for a job in Nashville.

This is included in the ad.

Lipscomb University complies with all applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws and does not engage in prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, color, national or ethnic origin, or disability in the administration of its employment practices.

This however is the last sentence of their announcement:

Evidence of active membership in the Churches of Christ will be needed.

So they don’t discriminate against you unless you are NOT a member of the Church of Christ.

I’m also concerned about how they are doing a production of Guys and Dolls if they don’t allow musical instruments.  Silence would be a very interesting take on an overture.

Their Educational philosophy.

Lipscomb is committed to teach truth as revealed in God’s word through daily Bible classes and chapel, encouraging each student to an exploration of scripture, to know Jesus Christ and to grow in His image. Classes in every area are taught in a faith-informed approach by highly qualified faculty who represent the range of perspectives that exist among churches of Christ. “Faith-informed” learning encourages students to understand that all knowledge and skills are to be used to the glory of God in every pursuit. Because of its strong association with the churches of Christ, Lipscomb adheres to central doctrinal interpretations that characterize these churches while creating an inclusive environment that respects and welcomes all who seek an excellent education in a Christian context. Lipscomb also welcomes those for whom an awareness of the spiritual self is unexplored or recently awakened and who are willing to pursue a Christian education.

I’ve never met a theater designer who’s entire body of work was in the glory of god.  It’s actually kind of hard to do.  That’s not to say that some theater is not religious but I also don’t know a single designer who’d turn down the chance to do Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, or Angels in America, or Agnes of God.  And there’s always Corpus Christie if you are still looking for theater that offends.  Of course most of my friends are more offended by Phantom of the Opera or Neil Simon but they are just snobs.

So I don’t think it’s possible to get this job unless I believe in god.  Which I don’t.  And if they won’t hire me because I don’t believe in god, doesn’t that prove that they do discriminate based on religion?  Maybe I should apply, not get the job, and then sue for discrimination.  That way, they can pay me without having to do any work, and I won’t have to worry about waiting tables.

In the meantime I’ll keep waiting for new announcements.


2 thoughts on “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

  1. Lemuel February 12, 2010 / 06:41

    Gee, Maddog, that job at Lipscomb has your name written all over it. [utter sarcasm] 😉 I have a BIL and a former co-worker/friend who are members of said churches (although of the branch that permits musical instruments [damn lib’ruls!]). The wife of that BIL once ranted ecstatically about the creation museum depicting Adam (not to be confused with *your* Adam) and the dinosaurs together. She has a Masters degree from state universities, for crying out loud! The co-worker friend has such a narrow vision of the world he almost made me cry sometimes. He’s a nice guy and a good friend, but “blind”.

    I’m sorry San Diego fell through. Keep looking. I’ll hope something super opens up and surprises you right there in the City.

  2. Sarah February 12, 2010 / 09:25

    Holy Mother of God! Does this university receive government funds of any kind? The requirement that employees belong to a specific church seems to be in violation of of the EEOC. You should email that to the ACLU office in Nashville.

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