Christmas Vacation Part 6

I’m wiped.

I don’t have any more energy.

So I’m going to bed.

But first a post.

And we drive.

And drive.

Sissy, our GPS device (do you have one?  Does it have a name?) decided to take us the most direct route.  This was not the fastest route.  We ended up on four lane roads in the backwoods of Southern Missouri.  And when I say backwoods, I mean straight out of Deliverance.  Every time we stopped (as the day wore on, we did this less and less) every one and I mean everyone was dressed in camouflage.  Every one.  There wasn’t a foreign car to be seen.  There were no fast food places, only small gas stations along the way.  Besides the fact that it was taking so long it really was starting to get scary.  Adam who’s always comfortable in his own skin was beginning to get skiddish.  We still have no idea why, but we were ready to be back on the highway when we got to Springfield.

It couldn’t have come fast enough.

Of course it was fun to read when we got home about people who’d been stupid enough to follow their GPS’s into snow storms etc. I think I’d take a snow storm over redneck land any day of the week.

As Adam told me, Southern Missouri makes Texas look awesome.  I figured it could only get better right?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation Part 6

  1. catrina January 14, 2010 / 08:55

    You were on the back roads near Springfield, Missouri? Mercy! You were in the Ozarks, then….and depending on how ‘back road’ you were, dem folks can be skeery!
    By the way, my GPS man is named Carlos.

  2. Sarah January 14, 2010 / 09:44

    A friend and a schoolmate from Houston were driving back to home at Spring Break. They stopped at a diner in southern MO for something to eat. They were shown to a back table. Everyone in the place went quiet as they walked through the place and sat down. They both felt incredibly uncomfortable and made their stay a short one. She’s always suspected the other patrons didn’t take too kindly to seeing a white woman and a black man together.

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