Christmas Vacation Part. 5

Christmas Vacation…

We stop at Starbucks.  We stop at McDonalds.  We are on our way.

And before we are even on the highway, I sense that Adam is mad at me.  Pouting almost.  So in my most annoying fashion I ask him if he’s going to be like this all day.  I don’t mean to be annoying, I just have a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  I do have to admit that usually I’m pretty good at just waiting for him to open up and tell me what’s wrong.  It was early, I was tired.  What do you expect of me.

Actually the whole things started the day before.

Adam and I have developed a little drinking problem.


We don’t drink too much.

It’s just that we can’t afford to drink what we LIKE to drink.  So when we travel across the country we stop and check prices to see if we can find the stuff we like cheaper.  Just for the record if anyone wants to help me in my “problem” I prefer Bulliet Bourbon. I like it a lot.

All kidding aside.  Along with checking prices for lots of things we check the price of vodka for Adam, bourbon for me.

So we stopped in the Liquor Barn (check out there entire list of bourbons…Yum)  in Lexington to see what was up.  We left my mom in the car (her idea, not ours) and went looking.

It took about three seconds of being out of the car to know something was up.  Adam wasn’t talking to me, he was grumpy and in a TERRIBLE mood.  So me being who I am, I started grilling him on what was wrong.  What was wrong?  What was wrong?  Are you mad at me?  Did I do something?  Why are you mad?

He wouldn’t talk to me.

I kept at him.  I was making him madder and not helping the situation at all, but as in all things Maddog related I take it personally and thus want to know how to fix it.

We looked at the bourbon.  It was CHEAP in Lexington…of course.  We looked at vodka.  And I tried to get him to talk to me.  We finally chatted a little before we left.  I don’t remember much of that conversation.

He was “grumpy” the rest of the day.

So here we are on our way out of town.  And he’s not speaking to me.

So we drive.  (He’s driving.  He does the morning, I do the night.)

And drive.

And drive.

And I don’t know what happened but we finally started talking.

I won’t go into the details, but everything he said was valid.  And true.  And as he pointed out I’d missed the boat and dropped the ball on several things leading up to our trip.

Since it’s my memory I’m going to say that I begged and begged forgiveness and plead with him not to break up with me, and that I would never do it again.  All in all my response was perfect.  Since it is MY memory.

That’s not really how it played out.  I listened, offered my version of what was going on, and when it was all said and done I think we both had a better view of what the other person was thinking and feeling.

As with all of our fights, I felt much closer to him than I did before the fight.

Did I mention that I love him.

Even if he is grumpy sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation Part. 5

  1. Peter January 9, 2010 / 04:56

    Small spaces, like the interior of a car, make problems bigger than they really are. At least you talked to each other and cleared some of the air.

    Maybe with your Mum in the back seat, Adam bit ihis tongue more then once.

  2. Lemuel January 9, 2010 / 08:19

    I can echo Peter’s comment and add a bit. With such a trip I am pretty sure that you were both pretty tired – the traveling, coupled with the stresses of family and throw in that I am sure that your NYC lifestyle/schedule was not like KY’s. It’s all a volatile mixture.

    In 74 my wife and I made a trip from the East through the Midwest as far as MN and IA. We visited 3 good friends and camped and did sight seeing. We did it in a little Mustang II that was crammed full of stuff. By the time we reached MN we were ready to kill each other and did not care what the jury thought.

    The good news (perhaps for you and Adam) is that we had only been married 2 years when we made that trip – and we’ve survived almost 38 now. 🙂

  3. javabear January 9, 2010 / 21:23

    Sounds like a normal healthy relationship to me.

    But bourbon? Ick.

  4. Urspo January 9, 2010 / 21:33

    One of my teachers defined mental health is the acceptance of ambivalence – the ability to be comfortable with the spontaneous feelings of at times I can’t stand you yet I love you too.

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