Maddog’s Christmas Vacation Part 3

We were off to breakfast.


My Aunt Doo.

My mom.

My boyfriend.


We parked.  Walked in.  The first thing that we noticed was the intense smell of cigarette smoke.  Ah.  A smoking restaurant.  I haven’t been in one of those since I was in Iowa in 2007.  Smoking.  Nothing says let’s eat like the smell of cigarette smoke.  What’s really interesting about this fact is that Sam’s sits on the county line between Georgetown and Lexington.  Seems both cities ban smoking but neither county does.  Thus a smoking restaurant.

We ask for non-smoking.

It helps very little.

We order.

Bacon, eggs, toast for me.  Adam and I shared biscuits and gravy.  According to our very LARGE waitress we got the last order of the day.

The food comes.

It’s awesome.

Now comes the fun part.

Seeing people I haven’t seen in decades.

Simon:  He lived up the road from us when I was very little.  He’s probably 15 or so years older than me.  I wouldn’t have known him at all.  He seemed to remember me.  I actually don’t remember much his family except that they had the big white house down the lane and his sister, Melissa who was friends with my Aunt Debbie, was murdered by her husband.  That happened about 20 years ago.  He talked and talked and talked to my aunt.  All I remember about the conversation is that he’s lost a hundred pounds.  Clearly by not eating at Sam’s.

Next up:

Linda:  She’s the new wife of my Aunt Debbie’s ex-husband Larry.  She waits tables at Sam’s.  She seem to know about me, wanting to know if “he’s the one who lives in New York City.”  I don’t know her at all.  I do know her husband Larry though.  He liked to beat my Aunt Debbie senseless.  It seemed like once a month she’d call and need my mom and dad to come get her.  When they’d pick her up she’d have black eyes, bruises etc.  My dad actually told Larry he’d shoot him if he hit her again.  My dad had his pistol with him.  It didn’t stop Larry.  Larry actually accused Debbie of sleeping with me because at the time we were so close.  This was when I was 18.  I was told by her and Larry to go home and not come back.  I don’t remember why they finally broke up.  I think maybe Larry went to jail.  I could be wrong.  I think it was around the same time Debbie started sleeping with her best friend’s husband.  Bobby.  They showed up at my graduation party together.  They avoided the questions I threw at them saying Larry and the best friend didn’t want to come.

Ah, the soap opera that is going back home.

I finally managed to pull my mom away from the drama and we were off to see Jessie.  My cousin Jessie, Ronnie her husband, boyfriend, partner, and their three kids.


One thought on “Maddog’s Christmas Vacation Part 3

  1. dirkmancuso January 5, 2010 / 15:59

    I swear we should compare our family trees, because I think we may have more than a few overlapping branches…

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