Maddog’s Christmas Vacation. Part 2.

Thanks everyone who made me feel good about taking the night off from work New Year’s Eve.  I doubt very seriously in 10 years if I’ll be sorry that I didn’t work.  I’d hate to realize ten years from now that I had the chance to spend the night with Adam on New Year’s Eve and didn’t.  Especially since it was our first one.  I hope it’s the first of 50 more.

In the meantime.

He called me a pussy.

And told me if I didn’t calm down he was going to pull over and get a hotel room because if he didn’t kill us with the car we were going to kill each other over the car.  (He reminded me that he said this.)

We got to my mom’s around 2:00 a.m.  We were in bed and asleep in about three minutes.

My mom hasn’t said a word about us sleeping together in her house, of course I really didn’t give her a choice.  I didn’t even ask for that matter.  When we were there in May, we said goodnight and went to bed.  I think she knows that if she made a big deal about it we would stay in a hotel and it would make me want to go home less than I already do.

My mom knocked on the door telling us to get up around 8:30 the next moring.  (My mom likes to wake me up when I’m home.  I don’t particularly like it but it seems to make her happy so I let her do it.)  We had a big day ahead of us.  It’s the same day I have every time I go home, but I do it all the same.  Of course we were tired and didn’t get up.  We rolled over, snuggled up closer and went back to sleep.  She knocked on the door two more times before we got up.

My mom had asked us if we wanted her to make breakfast on Sunday morning.  Although it would have been nice I hate my mom having to stand at the stove cooking.  So I suggested that we go out.

Adam’s dad and stepmom love traveling and they all ways strive to eat where the locals do.  So when we were on our way to KY last May his dad told us we should try and check out some restaurants along the way.  We didn’t make any of them but we did decide to check out a few local diners.  In May we had breakfast at Fava’s. It’s been an institution in Georgetown for a hundred years.  (I’m not exaggerating.)  Of course when the took out the soda fountain a few years ago it lost most of it’s charm.  That being said the food was awesome and they served up a great biscuits and gravy.

So when we got up on Sunday we were looking for a fun place to have breakfast that was not Denny’s or the Cracker Barrel.  I suggested Sam’s Restaurant, (check out that awesome menu) which was Sam’s Truck Stop when I was growing up.  It was originally open 24 hours a day and was a truck stop along US 25 before the interstate highway came through.

I suggested that we take my Aunt Doo to breakfast with us.  She’s the aunt that got sick about a month ago and I had to fly home suddenly.

My Aunt Doo has had a very hard life.  She and my Uncle Tom live about as close to poverty as you can get.  Sometimes I worry that their house is going to fall down around them.  I think it’s being held together with a couple of paper clips and some glue.  My uncle worked as a farm hand his whole life on the same farm in the community in which they live.  They’ve never had a lot of  money but when they were younger they got along just fine.  My aunt has never worked and doesn’t even have a driver’s license.  When I was younger she was the neighborhood babysitter.  She hasn’t done that in a long time.

Now things are really tough for them.  Uncle Tom has advanced Parkinson’s disease and can barely get around.  He hasn’t worked full time on the farm in forever and about two years ago was told by the doctor that he had to quit all together.  You would think that after 30 years of working at the same job, for the same man, they might be helped out a bit.  Except for letting them stay in their house (which no one else would ever live in) the “boss” has completely disregarded them.  Which leaves them little money and even more stressed than before.  Add to this that my uncle has become more and more belligerent the sicker he has become and my aunt’s life is close to intolerable.

She has always been my favorite aunt.  I sometimes think it’s because I knew how hard she had it even when I was little.  It makes my mom jealous because I defend her so much.  She’ll say things like “I know how much you love your Aunt Doo, but ___________”.  And then she says something bad about her.  My family is also good about figuring out what’s best for her.  Like she and my Uncle Tom should move.  Or she should put him in a home.  Or she should _________.  Fill in the blank.  Of course none of them want to hear it when I point out the same things about them.  They just tell me I don’t understand.  Of course I think they don’t understand about her, but what can you do.

So I help her out when I can.  She’s very proud about taking money so even when I’ve told her that all she has to do is ask and I’ll help her anyway I can, she’s only asked once.  It was about a month ago and she needed money to buy fuel for their heating stove.  I called the store and paid for the fuel and they went by and picked it up.  She thanked me over and over and went on and on about how she was going to pay me back.  She won’t and that’s okay.  I don’t expect her to.

I’d do anything I could to help her out.  Probably more than her own kids.  I’m the only one who sends her a birthday present.  This year I think I was the only one who got her a Christmas present.  And still she will always say that’s she doing fine and doesn’t need any help.

I’ve gotten off on a tangent.

Sorry about that.

I suggested that we pick up Aunt Doo for breakfast.  The catch with that suggestion is two fold.  Will she leave my Uncle Tom alone in the house.  And will he let her leave.  I don’t even suggest we take him with us.  He’s never been my favorite and I think he’s doing as good a job now of being mean to her as he did 20 years ago.  She managed to convince her son Ricky to stay with him (Tom’s stepson.  They don’t always get along) and told us she would go with us.

We drove out to pick her up and we were off to breakfast.

I feel like this is two posts and is quite long so I’m going to end here.  I’ll pick up with Sam’s, breakfast and the rest of the day tomorrow.


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