Fuck. Fuck. Fuck…

It’s 4:40.

I find myself looking for reasons not to go to bed.  Anything to waste more time and keep me at my computer.

Even though I have a beautifully wonderful boyfriend in bed waiting for me.

The problem is:  If I go to bed then it’s the next day and I have to go to work.  The longer I stay up it’s still today and that means I don’t have to go to work till tomorrow.  I know it makes no sense but it’s how I’m feeling.

Work sucks.

Let me repeat that:


I’ve made in the last five days what I would have usually made in three days.  This is a bit of a problem.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be a bit stressed over a 30 or 40% decrease in their salary.

I spoke to the GM over the weekend.  He was completely dismissive.  So much so I’m not even sure he knew what I was talking about.  I felt as though I wasn’t even sitting in the room with him.  He told me he would check in to things and then let me know what he found out.  He said that he knew what I was saying was mentioned in a manager’s meeting but he wasn’t paying attention so he didn’t know what the final decision was.

Yeah, right.

He told me to email him and he’d let me know something.  Or call.  No mention of course of coming by and speaking to him again.

So today I went in early and spoke to the AGM.  He’s the one who’s fucked up everything for me in the first place.  He was about as helpful as a kick to the groin would be.  He said he knew that I was frustrated but that the rules had to apply to everyone.  He really didn’t have an answer to how I was supposed to live on my new found lack of money.  He also said that he was told to enforce this rule by the GM which meant the fucker knew what was going on last Friday when I stopped in to talk to him.  Now I’m really annoyed.

The thing that annoyed me more than anything was the AGM’s discussion of our survey scores.  Right after I started working there, we started offering a 5.00 off coupon for anyone who would fill out a survey.  This is nice in theory but most of our people are tourist and aren’t going to be returning any time soon.  Most of them don’t travel with computers so they are not going to be doing them on their trips.  And after a days shopping if they filled out all of the surveys they were asked to fill out, they’d spend more time doing that than they would see the sites in NYC.  So of course no one does them.  Unless they are pissed.  Which means most of the surveys that come back are bad.

Officially the restaurant as a whole is supposed to be above 6.0 average.  Here’s the problem with the surveys where servers are concerned.  Only three or four questions actually relate to us.  Most of them are about atmosphere, cleanliness, music levels, food quality, interaction with manager, etc.  We however, are unfortunately graded on the whole score so if someone completes a survey that complains that their burger was cold and the manager didn’t come by the table then it goes against my survey average score.  Even though I had nothing to do with either thing.

The way most of us have found to get around this is by doing our own surveys.  Every couple of weeks I’ll bring home a check, have Adam (or Chuck once upon a time) or sometimes even me, and I fill out the online survey, tell them how wonderful I was and all is well.  My score for the year is 6.4.  I’m sure it would be great if the manager had bothered to stop by my table.  (I’ve worked there for two years and I’ve probably had less than 10 table visits in that whole time.  And I’d be willing to bet 9 of them were requests from me for some problem).  As I was saying my score is 6.4.

The restaurants total score is 5.8.

This is much to the dismay of all the managers.  They are not dismayed enough to actually do table visits, but they are dismayed all the same.

So until the restaurant score is above 6.0 he’s not willing to discuss this with me.


I was shouting above.

Here’s the catch.

You want to improve the score.  Then make the improvements where they really need to be made, not some arbitrary place that you can change to make us think you are doing something helpful.

Things of note:

The manager’s never do table visits.

The music is always too loud.

Therefore no one’s ever going to get these points.  You are around a 6.7 before you even start.

There are two other things right off the bat that occur that almost everyone complains about that I can only explain if I put it out there exactly where I work.

And the things that piss me off.

You want to fix the scores:

Get the manager’s out of the office, eating pizza from next door.  Get them on the floor talking to people.

Put a stop to the smoking by the staff.  I know you need to smoke, but do it after work.  This would not be the first job that limited you ability to smoke.  If a waiter spends 5 minutes upstairs, then how are their customers getting what they need.  This will never happen because ALL but one of the managers smoke.

Stop the texting in the wait station.  Sometime you can’t even get into the wait station to ring things up, or to get a Diet Coke because there are 14 people in there texting.

Stop people from getting high on the job.  There are many trains of thoughts on this I know.  However, if you can’t do your job sober than you either shouldn’t be working as a waiter, or you should check yourself in to rehab.  Or perhaps both.  Any given night half the staff is high when they come on, and they have all figured out where to go to keep the high going during their shift.  The restaurant employee of the year is always stoned at work.  A couple of months ago a manager told me that he prefers when a certain bartender is high because she does a better job.

If you are going to have more staff on then give them the support they need.  Don’t have 40 waiters on the floor and one service bartender.  She’s too stoned to actually keep up.

Don’t have 40 servers on the floor and only one food runner.  She’s too stupid and slow to actually do a job called food running.  Food walking maybe.  But definitely not food running.

Teach the servers to engage their customers rather than treat them like shit because they are foreign.

If you implemented one of these things scores would go up.

In the meantime, I go in.  Do my job.  And in return I’m punished for doing my job too well.

Fuck Them.





3 thoughts on “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck…

  1. Lemuel December 8, 2009 / 06:35

    If management does not know how to read/utilize the surveys, then the surveys (and the management) are worthless. In truth, they do not want to read/understand/utilize the surveys.
    A pound’s a pound the world around. I had a similar experience with an employer in the early/mid 90’s. The work had nothing to do with food service, yet the result was quite similar.

  2. Sarah December 8, 2009 / 09:14

    Time to walk your butt over to another restaurant with you resume in hand. It’s not hard to re-train and it’s even easier to shine at a new place when you are a great waiter.

  3. Urspo December 8, 2009 / 22:41

    I concur with Sarah; this job is causing cell-death.

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