Maddog’s Perpetual Bad Mood.

I’ve been in a bad mood since Monday.  In fact I was in such a bad mood on Monday that I wanted to punch something.  Tuesday was even worse.  The crap started lifting last night and although I’m still a little pissy I’m much better.  You know I’m in a bad mood when I don’t just sit down and yell at all of you.

Work is really sucking.  Our new assistant GM made a very insignificant decision about three weeks ago and it’s costing me about 75 bucks a shift.  I’ve tried to talk to him about it and although he professes to be approachable I don’t buy his bull shit.  Since I started at my restaurant I’ve worked in the cocktail section.  I work my ass off, run twice as much as everyone else and I make twice as much money.  The cocktail sections in my restaurant are 10, 11, 12.  10 and 12 are best and 11 kind of fills in the holes.  Usually around 9:30 or so station 11 is sent home.  So I go from three tables to five tables.  So with my rail and the five tables I have 30 seats and I bust my butt to keep them full and everyone happy. In return I make a ton of money.  Well the AGM’s decree was that 11 would no longer be cut.  It’s now a closing station along with 10 and 12.  So instead of three hours with two extra tables it stays the same.  And I make less money.

So lets see if I have gotten this right:

I’ve worked there for 28 months.

I don’t have complaints.

I don’t complain.

My guest surveys are excellent.

My restaurant scores are great.

I’ve been employee of the month.

I sell more than everyone else.

I don’t show up late.

I always show up.

I close every night I work.

I don’t make a lot of mistakes.

My co-workers like me.

I can handle more tables than probably everyone else in the restaurant.

I tip out more than anyone else so my “staff” loves me.

And the result of my doing a good job is a 30% pay cut.  Something doesn’t seem quite right to me.  I’ve tried to be patient and just wait it out hoping that it’s just one of those rules of the week.  But it seems to be sticking.  And right now is busy season and I’m making less than I did in January working three days a week during slow season.  Which means that by January I’ll have to set up a Paypal account where you guys can send me money to help pay my rent.

It’s funny how I’ve gone from my job being a cash cow to not making any money at all.   And trust me when I say it doesn’t do much for moral.  Every night at work we are told to sell this, suggest that,  etc. etc.  And what I want to know is why?  If I do a good job I’ll make the same amount of money as the people who show up late, or not at all, can’t spell upsell let alone do it.  I’ll also make the same amount of money as the stoners who sneak out during their shifts to get high in the fire escape stair well.  I was invited tonight to join the festivities.  I’m not sure now why I didn’t just say fuck it and do it.

I came to the realization tonight that it’s time to take it to the big boss.  I can’t just sit back and hope things get better.  So on Friday I’m going to stop in and talk to the GM.  I’m going to pretty much tell him everything I’ve told you, explain how I do a good job and yet I’m having my pay cut by 30% and see if he has any suggestions as to how to keep working there and still pay my bills.  Perhaps he’d let me sort the silver ware in the dish room.  At this point they are probably making more money than I am.

5 thoughts on “Maddog’s Perpetual Bad Mood.

  1. Rick December 3, 2009 / 06:59

    30% cut…ouch!

  2. Peter December 3, 2009 / 08:36

    30% cut in a time when all the prices go up? No way!

    Good luck on Friday!

  3. javabear December 3, 2009 / 09:17

    That sucks. Good luck with the GM. I hope you come to an equitable agreement that nets you more big bucks.

  4. Sarah December 3, 2009 / 09:51

    Fair enough. Doesn’t it cost the restaurant more $$ to keep an extra waiter on the floor when there is one perfectly competent waiter available to cover both stations?

  5. Urspo December 3, 2009 / 23:23

    I am sorry for your rough spot. Good luck with the justified assertion !

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