Maddog’s Weekend.

So let’s see.

Last weekend.

Desperate Housewives.



Love, Loss, and What I Wore.

It was an all female weekend for Adam and me.

As I mentioned I was sick all last week and didn’t work.

Since I’d already given away my Friday shift, when Adam called and said he’d gotten tickets to see Dreamgirls…at the Apollo.  I suddenly felt better.  I’ve been singing the music since it first opened on Broadway.  I can do a mean “I’m Not Going”.  I saw the movie opening day and loved it, although there were something musically from the play that I missed.  But I’ve never seen the show live.  So to not only see the new production of it, but to see it at the Apollo where the play starts and ends was amazing.  Suddenly I found that I wasn’t as sick as I thought I was.

The show was awesome.  (That’s become my word of choice lately.  Awesome!)  Okay the book has some problems.  And the cast is a little weak in the beginning when the “drama” hasn’t started yet.   Musically the cast was incredible.  They were clearly better singers than actors.  By the time we were 20 minutes in, I was smitten.  I love when a woman stands down center and belts a song.  I think if the actor can sell it there is very little else in the theater that has that power.  Effie had that power.  When the set pulled a way and we were left with just her downstage in a single spot belting I’m not going I got goosebumps.  It’s one of the few times I’ve seen people on their feet during a show when it wasn’t curtain call.  The rest of the show was just as wonderful.

My absolute favorite part of the show was during one of the big numbers the wall of lights on each side of the stage, pivoted on stage and then pushed down just behind the girl singing.  It was about 150 lights and the effect was “awesome.”  I was still talking about it on Sunday.  That being said, the design of the show is great.  The sets, costumes and lights were great to see.  It was definitely my cure for the common cold.

Saturday was chore day.  We still had a ton of work to do on the apartment and we wanted it all done by the end of the weekend.  It’s done by the way.  So we cleaned, move things around, and then late in the afternoon we called a car service and had them send over a SUV.  We loaded it up with everything that would fit and had them take us to our storage place which is about three blocks from where we live.  We unloaded everything, got it upstairs and took about an hour getting it all to fit.  When we go back to get our Xmas stuff I’ll take a picture.  It took some work but it’s all in there.  We tossed the last thing in, and slammed the door.

We ended the day on the couch, eating take out and watching about three episodes of Desperate Housewives from the past couple of weeks.  Adam told me a couple of weeks ago that I’m Tom from that show.  I think he meant it as a compliment but I’m still not sure.

Sunday was our busy day out.

We had brunch with Adam’s friend John.

Then we were off to the movies.

Run.  Don’t.  Walk.  To see Precious.  It’s AWESOME!!!!!   Let me repeat that.  AWESOME!!!!!  Yes, it’s a little heavy.  And Depressing.  And you’ll need four BOXES of tissues but you’ll also know when you leave that you’ve experienced something.  It’s a you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bawl film.  And Precious, Gabby Sidibe is insane.  It’s hard to believe that someone who’d never been in front of a camera before could pull off such a performance.  You’ll definitely hear about this film come Oscar time.  For me the movie was emotional because several of the characters come just a little too close to home for me.  That’s an entirely different post but something I’ll have to think about sharing.

After the movie, we ran to the theater to see Love, Loss, and What I Wore.  It’s a show based on a book of drawings done by a women documenting the clothes she wore throughout her life.  The play is performed by five actors all on book who tell the stories of women and their clothes.  As in the world of The Vagina Monologues, the cast is revolving, so it’s a different set of five actors every week.  We got Mary Birdsong, Tyne Daly, Lisa Joyce, Jane Lynch, and Mary Louise Wilson.  Adam sought out tickets because he wanted to see Jane Lynch.  Anyone out there in Glee land knows that Jane Lynch plays Sue.  She was good.  I’d have to say Tyne Daly stole the show.  She has very expressive face and there were many times that she had the audience laughing just by raising one eyebrow.  The show is meant for women.  The audience was composed of women and gay men.  We actually heard one woman leaving the theater talking about how surprised she was to see so many men in the audience.  IT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY AND GAY MEN LOVE WOMEN’S CLOTHES.  This show too has it’s faults.  It’s a little heavy handed at times and the last monologue was a little too “serious” for the show.  It was meant to make the show have some umf to it.  It didn’t help.  I had a great time.  I think Adam was bored.  I wouldn’t run out and see it again, unless of course we went the night Samantha Bee and Kristin Chenowith are in.  I might be convinced to see it that night.

And that’s up through last Sunday night.

I’m sleepy, so I’m going to hit publish and go to bed.  I apologize in advance for typos, verb/subject agreement problems, spelling, or anything that might indicate that I’m stupid or on drugs.




4 thoughts on “Maddog’s Weekend.

  1. Kelly November 14, 2009 / 09:41

    We are dying to see Precious. It does not open in Richmond until next week though… the same time as Twilight, so you can imagine what the theatre is going to be like…. but we may still try to see it… hope all is well!

  2. Rick November 15, 2009 / 11:51

    I too have heard good things about Precious. I’ll have to check it out.

  3. javabear November 15, 2009 / 20:47

    So glad to hear that you feel better.
    Is this what it’s like to live in NYC? All this gadding about to theaters and such… my, my. I’m not sure whether to be glad my life is quieter, or jealous because my life is dull.

  4. Urspo November 15, 2009 / 21:46

    That sounds like a lovely weekend.

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