An Unexpected Trip…

It’s 4:52 a.m.

I’m about to jump in the shower.

To go to the airport.

To fly to Kentucky.

When I got off work tonight, I followed my usual routine.  I bought a Diet Coke, walked to the subway, found a seat and took out my book.  I usually check my voice mail on the way to the train, but tonight I was late and I was afraid I’d miss the 1:40 train.  When I was comfortably planted in a seat, I pulled out my phone to see if I had messages, both text and voice.  The phone said I had four text messages and six voice mails.  What was even weirder was the last call was from my mom at 12:55 a.m.

I debated leaving the station to check my messages to find out what was wrong.  I finally decided that whatever it was could wait till I got home.  I had to go home no matter what the situation.

When I got off the train and was waiting for the shuttle bus (it’s an “A” train thing) I checked my messages.  My cousin Vicki was one of the calls but she didn’t say what she wanted.  She never calls so I had no idea what that was about.  Finally I get to my mom’s message and it just says to call her as soon as I get the message.

So I call.

And it’s my Aunt Doo.

My favorite aunt.

She had been rushed to the hospital tonight.  At first they though she’d had a stroke.  They still haven’t ruled this out.  Then she started having seizures.  As of right now they have no idea what is wrong with her.  My mother said she looked awful.  She did say that she was awake and aware of her surroundings.  She’s also being a little cantankerous, which is probably a good thing.

I talked to my mom for 30 minutes or so.

Mostly I listened.

My mom is a worrier.  A BIG worrier.  So it’s hard to know how things really are.

My mom said that she kept asking if I’d been called.

The thing is that she’s been my favorite aunt for forever.  I’m one of the few family members who goes out of the way to see her on a regular basis.  I live in NYC and I see her more than most of my family.

I also know that if something happened to her and I hadn’t tried to get home, I’d never forgive myself.

So I got home, woke Adam and told him what was going on.

He was a dear.  He got up and helped me find a flight on line.  Helped me pack.  Made sure I had everything I needed.

And so now I’m waiting to get in the shower.  The car is picking me up at 5:30 to take me to the airport.  My flight is at 8:00.  I fly to Charlotte and then to Lexington.  The flight from Charlotte scares me.  I have this horrible fear that it’s a prop plane.  I’ve always sworn I’d never fly in a prop plane again.  I HATE them.  HATE.  HATE.  HATE them.  Keep your fingers crossed that it’s not.

I get to Lexington around 11:30.  I’ll be there till Tuesday.  I picked a random date.  I may try and come home early if everything turns out to be okay.

In the meantime keep my Aunt Doo in your thoughts.

I’ll let you know tomorrow night how she is doing.



4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Trip…

  1. Lemuel October 30, 2009 / 05:16

    Sending out my best thoughts for your Aunt Doo, you, and your family. May she be restored to health and may your travels be safe and pleasant.

  2. javabear October 30, 2009 / 08:57

    I hope she is OK! Sending prayers and positive thoughts to all involved. Hope you have (had) a safe trip.

  3. Peter October 30, 2009 / 11:13

    Sending good vibes over the Big Pond for your Aunt Doo, you and your family. I know the feeling of loosing a favorite aunt.

  4. DanNation October 30, 2009 / 14:27

    My thoughts are with you! I hope she will be okay!

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