Wednesday Night…

My headache is mostly gone.


It had quadrupled in size by around 4:45 tonight.  I was sitting in pre-shift thinking that I might just have to go home.  By 5:15 it was insane.  I was dizzy, nauseous and feeling like crap.  I finally  took one of the pills that my doctor has prescribed and about 90 minutes later it lifted.  Up to that point though I thought I was going to scream.   I’m still not 100% but I’m hoping that a good night’s sleep will take care of it.  I’ll keep you posted.

Do any of you care if the Yankees win the World Series?

I sure as fuck don’t.

I’ve never seen so many adults act like idiots as I did tonight.

We only put sports on the TV’s in my restaurant when it’s a NY big game or some other REALLY big game.  And we never have the sound on.  This of course pisses off everybody.  What I’d like to say but don’t is that the Fucking ESPN Zone is across the street.  Go watch it on 47 televisions all at the same time.  Of course they probably won’t let you sit at a table for 2 hours and not buy anything but that’s a whole other story.

So with the game only on two televisions, without sound you might think it would discourage people from watching.  It doesn’t.  And the worst of the bunch.  The staff.  Our assistant GM did nothing tonight but stare at the TV.  At least two dozen times tonight I had to force servers away from my counter so that I could actually wait on the people that were wanting service.  I stopped counting how many times people ran into me tonight.  You should NOT walk and stare at the TV at the same time.  And don’t look at me like it’s my fault.  If you watch where you are going it wouldn’t be a problem.

Full grown men  staring at the TV as though the world is about to end.  IT’S JUST A FUCKING GAME.  No one dies.  No one is curing cancer.  No one is going to solve the world’s hunger problem.  It’s a bunch of grown men in tight pants hitting a ball with a stick.  If you want to watch the game so badly then ask off for the evening.  Just get the fuck out of my way.

Can you tell I’m annoyed?  I just want the Yankees to lose and get it over with.  They won’t but it’s what I’d like.  Of course the big news in NYC right now is that the tickets are too fucking expensive.  As a co-worker asked tonight, “How many people in da Bronx can afford tickets to the stadium in the Bronx?  I think he might have a point.

Hopefully the Phillies will win it all very quickly and we can put this whole mess behind us.





5 thoughts on “Wednesday Night…

  1. Lemuel October 29, 2009 / 06:12

    Now, Maddog, we have a problem. You and I. You see, it’s like this: I live in Philliesland and I feel the same way as you do, only in reverse. Every place I go there are Phillies banners stuck in my face. I avoid public places so that I do not need to watch the adults acting out The Crazy. I want it to end quickly, too. But not your way. That will just make the crazies more crazy here and we already did that gig last year. Now, I think, it’s your turn. [*giggle*]

  2. Sarah October 29, 2009 / 06:48

    You know the only people who could be forgiven for acting like the most important game in the world was being played are Cubs fans. And the reason they’d be transfixed is because they’d never seen anything like it.

  3. catrina October 29, 2009 / 08:13

    As a sad Cardinals fan, all I can say is GO PHILLIES!
    BTW, as an avid Cards fan, I LOVE what Sarah said!

  4. Java October 29, 2009 / 17:53

    Since my Braves farted around with Florida for second or third place most of the season, I don’t have a large stake in this series. I am fond of the National League, though, so I’m rooting for the Phillies. But really, I don’t give a shit. Even if the Braves were playing, I still wouldn’t care that much.

    Another game tonight in New York, so I doubt it’ll be any better at work tonight. Good luck. Maybe if the Yankees do well tonight you’ll get better tips. ?? Maybe.

  5. Urspo October 29, 2009 / 23:02

    the closest I find to this in gay men is opera queens going nuts over their divas.

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