Cloudy with a chance of rain.

Adam and I will have lived together three weeks on Sunday.  The whole thing has been amazing.  He’ll call to me from the kitchen and say, “I really like our new home.”  I text him and say, “I really like our new curtains.”  Our home is really starting to come together.

When we first started talking about moving in together I insisted we move to a brand new space.  After some research I realized that we were never going to have six or seven thousand dollars that was needed to move to a new space.  We started discussing the pros and cons of each of our spaces.

My space:

I have a roommate.  Do I just tell him to get the fuck out.  I have about an eighth of the closet space.  I only have one bathroom.  My grocery store sucks.  You can’t buy the NY Times in my neighborhood.  The kitchen is okay, but for Adam to be able to use it, we’d have to do some serious work.  I didn’t have an elevator.  I do have to admit that my rent was cheaper and my landlord was better.  Overall my apartment was in much better shape.


Not as much light.  It’s on the first floor.  Second bedroom is tiny.  It was Robert and Adam’s apartment.

Not as many cons as I had.

Adam has lived in this building since 1997.  He’s lived in this apartment since 1999.  It’s his space.  I insisted that if i move in that we had to make it our space.  I didn’t want it to be Robert’s space that I was taking over, and I didn’t want it to be Adam’s space that I was encroaching on.  We had to paint, move the furniture around.  Make it ours.

Adam agreed to all of this.


We HAD to get  some repairs done to the apartment.

So we put a list together and sent it off to the landlord.

Adam landlord is pretty much as a slumlord.  He only fixes things when it becomes too hard to ignore them or until you really start to complain.  We weren’t sure how he would respond to our list.

He was actually okay.

Most of the stuff was easy.

The BIG thing:

Adam has had a leak in his foyer off and on for the past five years.  They fix it, repair the ceiling, and then it starts all over again.  I insisted that the foyer leak be repaired before I moved in.  So he sent in the request and thus began the four months of insanity.

The landlord agreed to come patch the ceiling.  That was fine, but we wanted the leak fixed first.  So he said he’d look into it.  And it leaked and leaked and leaked and leaked.  It’s not like it’s pouring into the apartment but it fills up a bucket over the course of a week.  And it leaks and it leaks.

Then one Friday he comes home and discovers that it’s not leaking.

It’s raining.

It rains.

And rains.

And rains.

And this is what it looked like:



As you can see it’s not pretty.  We ended up moving the white cabinet to the other side of the room.   The big leak stopped but now the little leak was worse.  Every time the upstairs neighbors showered it rained in our apartment.  Especially at 2:00 during the week because someone always showers then.

I should say at this point that for most of the time it was leaking Adam just ignored it.  He’s pull out his bucket catch the water and hope that it didn’t last long.  Me being me, I wasn’t willing to do that.  I was the instigator and I prodded Adam into being aggressive with John the landlord.  John wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  Adam had been the passive tenant for so long, that for a while he just ignored Adam.  After the big leak we finally got his attention.  We wanted compensation for the damage and once and for all we wanted the fucking leak fixed.  Adam didn’t say it but he alluded to us not paying rent as long as the foyer was not habitable.

SO.  They came and checked things out.  And it continued to leak.  We sent another email. And they came and checked things out.  And it continued to leak.  So we sent more emails.  And they came and checked things out and it continued to leak.  All this time Adam is insisting that the problem is with the shower upstairs and that it’s the shower surround that’s allowing the water to leak into our apartment.

Finally they tell us they are sending a plumber out to look at the problem.  So the carpenter Luis shows up…but with out a plumber.  And he tells us he’s there to fix the ceiling.  I was about to lose my shit.  I explained that he was to open up the ceiling and that nothing was getting fixed until the leak was stopped.  So he opened up the ceiling, which only made things look even worse.  For about three weeks we had a four foot by four foot hole in the ceiling in the foyer.  (I forgot to take pictures). And the leak was worse now that there was no ceiling to catch the water.  It was also a wider area since there was nothing to direct the water.  And we sent more emails.

I should say, Adam sent emails.  Since I’m not on the lease yet, it was his job.

Finally they send a plumber out to check things out.  I’m asleep for this visit so Adam was in charge.

They go to the second floor and fill the tub and let the water run and there’s no leak.  The turn the shower on, there’s no leak.  They turn the shower on and point the water toward the wall and in about three seconds it’s raining in our apartment.  If I didn’t know better it was exactly what Adam had said it was.

So last week they retiled the upstairs bathroom.

And yesterday they came and started the process of patching the ceiling.  They would’ve done it all, but Luis discovered that the wall and ceiling is still very wet.  They redid the caulk in our bathroom.  And hopefully with any luck we’ll have a brand new ceiling by the end of next week.

Of course last Friday at this time when I got home it was raining in the bathroom.  Seems from the bathroom work upstairs someone had used the water before they were supposed to and so it rained and rained and rained.  In any other part of the country they would have turned the water off, called a plumber and it would have been fixed immediately.  In our world, it rained for about 15 hours before they finally turned the water off and did the repairs.

So next week when they come back they are supposed to do the bathroom ceilings as well.

I hurt Adam’s feelings last week when I said, “you know the kitchen would have sucked, the closets were small, but at least it didn’t rain in my apartment.”


4 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of rain.

  1. Peter October 17, 2009 / 08:48

    Make up sex is always the best part of an argument.

  2. javabear October 17, 2009 / 10:55

    Although it’s a pain, plumbing leaks can be fixed. There isn’t as much one can do about a sucky kitchen and tiny closets.

    I’m a bit confused. Is having an apartment on the first floor an advantage or disadvantage? I’m pretty sure that having an apartment on the 5th floor and no elevator is a mostly a disadvantage, but I’m not sure about this case.

  3. Urspo October 17, 2009 / 18:22

    we’ve had leaks; no fun in that.
    I hope things dry up soon.

  4. Karen October 17, 2009 / 18:38

    We had a leak in our dining room. We thought it was form ice that had ruined the roof. We even got insurance money to get it fixed. Then the painter came to paint and it was wet again. Turns out the dryer vent went thru the ceiling and the condensation was the culprit.
    It’s hard to live with a leak.
    And i like the comment about make up sex. Do that.

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