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This is long but the best part is at the end…

Poll:  Do you think Bush was better than Obama.  Jackie:  Yes!!!!

Jackie: just dont like the man…..

Missy I don’t like him either Jackie. He just didn’t have any experience going into the presidency and I don’t much think he knows what he’s doing.
Fifth Grade School Teacher: WHAT? You girls back up a minute. What did G.Bush do for this country? What has Obama already done in just 10 months? Are y’all living in a cave and not seeing how much better it is now…. except for the economy which would have been worse if the Bushies were still there. PLEASE take everything else out of it and just look at REALITY.
Missy:  Obama has pushed this country WAY to the left and if he gets his way we will end up being a socialist nation instead of a republic one our founding fathers wanted it to be. We were founded on Chrisianity and he is doing everything in his power to change that too. You want to know what he’s done in 10 months?…….
1. He’s talked to terrorist…….trying to negotiate…you can’t negotiate with terrorists. Iran sponsored hezzbollah, which in turn attacks our troops in Iraq. Iran supplies alqaida and the taliban.
2. He wouldn’t send troops to re-inforce afghanistan when requested.
3. He bowed to the Saudi King…….in other words he’s telling the king we’ll do what you want us to do.
4. He’s trying to use taxpayer dollars in his “health care reform” to fund abortions. 
I could go on and on………..but you tell me what he’s done that’s so right?

Chris: Missy, once again you’ve managed to impress me. I agree with you, btw! Rock on girl!!!

5th Grade Teacher: 1) U r right on Iran . BUT talking does NOT make for failure, whereas NOT talking does. We should TRY if possible.
2) Have you considered ALL the options … as a REASONABLE leader is supposed to do?
3) FALSE, and I notice you’ve taken the word “bowed” to further falsify this statement.
4) FALSE and ridiculous.
5) I’ll bet you get your information from FOX.

5th Grade Teacher: oops, didn’t catch Missy’s end of #4. Missy, dear, if you are REALLY interested in facts …. go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
Presidency_of_Barack_Obama. Perhaps you’ll find under the many topics from the “contents” column some things you recognize as good for YOU and good for our nation.

Michelle: Sorry, I really try to avoid this stuff as folks have their opinions and don’t tend to change them. But I gotta say, I find it amusing that so many of the Republican type folks always throw in about how this country is founded on Christian beliefs, and they support continuing that.  Then their next breath continues with “that &^%$# Obama is going to turn us into a Socialist country!”   I really just gotta laugh at that stuff. The Lord I pray to wants us to help our fellow man and get along, and not kill each other. There is a book called the Bible, I hear you all thumping it, try opening it up and reading what it says! The hypocracy is hilarious. You far right folks keep yelling Christianty, kill the Afghanis, and remove Obama! I’ll keep laughing at ya and praying for ya. PS- God bless Ms. Lucas for having the cahones to speak out!

5th Grade Teacher: A few years back, Michelle, I too laughed at the lengths to which some people were going to use religion and the Bible to make their statements appear believable. BUT then I saw a lot of people are not laughing. And so it’s the responsibility of people who believe that God is about LOVE to try to stop the nonsense of those who would USE religion to create havoc instead of living religion. Glad you made the point!

Chris: Ok, but I live in America too, and I’m not Christian. So frankly I don’t give a flying f*ck about your Christian religion. I absolutely believe in your right to your beliefs, and would never try to take them away or negate them. I thought America was founded on freedom of religion..and most of the founding fathers of this country were Masons…ever notice the esoteric symbols on our currency? Isn’t there supposed to be separation of state and government? Why is religion even an issue then? Oh, I know why…because Obama wants a socialist America, not a free one….he already owns the car industry (or at least profits from it), and now he’s trying hone in on the healthcare industy. Medicare is government run and look at the mess it’s in. I say the government needs to be less involved in our day to day lives, not more so.

Jackie: so glad yall are having a debate on my page. lol.
i hear what all yall have to say….and i agree with some of both sides, but like michelle said, if you dont agree now, you are not gonna agree later, so why debate it?
like i said before, i just dont like the man.
oh, and no i do not live in a cave thank you!! =)

Chris:  LOL, Jackie…it’s fun to debate…and I like to hear other peoples views…even if they’re wrong! LOL In some countries you can’t speak out against the government, or you get sent to prison or put to death…so no matter what, the USA is still the greatest country in the world! And I thank my lucky stars every day that I was born here and not somewhere else.

Jackie:  well, i totally agree with you there!! =)
and normally i like to debate too, but i dont wanna have to make my old 5th grade teacher ‘ms lucas’ look silly.

James:  Ms. Lucas’s wisdom or Jackie’s ?
(you don’t have to anwer that dad – I know where you stand 😉 I’m not a big Obama fan – but to get back tot he original question – I’d take him over Bush any day

Jane:  Ok, first of all I don’t get my news from FOX, we don’t have cable television. I get my information from the facts presented in all forums. Mr Obama did indeed bow to the King of Saudi,(google it for a picture) and he does want to use health care reform as a… Read More means to abortion….which would be paid by the tax payer. I agree we should try to talk to people before offensive action is taken, but we are talking about known terrorists…they will talk to you out of one side of their mouths while blowing up car bombs and killing your people out of the other. You can’t trust people like that… let’s remember 911. As far as the Christianity thing goes, I am a God fearing Christian and i do indeed love everyone and would prefer not to have to go to war either, BUT our guys are already there and I think for their protection, Obama should send additional troops so they don’t all get killed.
We could debate all day long, but apparently we aren’t going to agree……so we’ll just have to agree to disagree

5th Grade Teacher: Wow, this was GREAT! Love all the opinions flying, with a spark here and there of residual facts or research. As a famous woman said, “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”. Though I look forward to seeing others participate, I’ll add no more except one for consideration … how dangerous the opinions based upon selective fact-finding to fit your bias. Jackie, still luv ya even if you won’t say why you “just don’t like the man” …. hahahahaha. I LUV HIM!

Brandy:  as we all sit here and debate this issue there are troops dying that is what is important i dont like obama and i dont need to say why this speaks for itself.

Maddog:  Ms. Lucas I have no idea who you are but I love you all the same. It’s not enough to just say you don’t like the man. He’s not our best friend, and isn’t one of the guys. If you don’t think he’s doing a good job then list the issues. It shouldn’t be personal it should be based in fact.

So let’s look at some things.

1. Afghanistan is in the mess it’s in because George Bush pulled troops out of there to fight a senseless war in Iraq. And before you start: There were NO weapons of mass destruction, and everyone who was part of the Bush administration has admitted to falsifying the beliefs that Saddam had a hand in 9/11.

2. Part of the reason the country is in the foreign relations mess that it’s in is because Bush refused to talk to anyone. And if we are going to talk about Iran, then should we forget that the US paved the way for the Taliban to be in power during the first Bush administration.

3. He bowed to the Saudi King because it’s polite. Just like Michelle Obama curtseyed to the Queen. Just like we’d expect any foreign dignitary to treat our President with the customs which have been established in our country.

4. As for tax money for abortions. Why not? Why do you get to choose how your money is spent and I don’t? A women’s right to choose is a women’s right to choose. And just for the record he’s never said tax money will pay for abortions. It might pay for counseling, but not the abortion itself.

5. Might as well talk about socialism while we are at it. Whether you like it or not we’ve had socialist programs in this country since it’s founding. I’ll be happy to send you the pledge to abstain from using all the socialist programs in our country but you’d have to do things like stop using the library, or going to museums, or using the police and fire, or the sidewalks, or most medicines because government run programs paid for their research. And let’s not forget Medicaid and Medicare. Perhaps you can pay my mother’s medical costs when Medicare is disbanded. I can go on but you probably get the point.

6. And last but not least. The reason I am responding. Our nation was NOT founded on Christian beliefs. Check out the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, do a little googling about the beliefs of our founding fathers. Here’s a website that contains a few quotes attributed to them.http://www.skeptically.org/thinkersonreligion/id9.html. And if I’m wrong and we are a christian nation then who’s version of Christianity? Jehovah Witness? Mormon? Catholic? Southern Baptist? Church of Christ? International Church of Four Square Gospel? Mennonite? Who gets to decide? The Jehovah Witness Church believes that you should not celebrate holidays, including Christmas. Southern Baptist say drinking is bad. The catholics say you have to confess your sins to a priest. The Quakers don’t believe in violence. Do you get to decide? Or do I? Does the guy down the street? It’s too broad a statement to say that it’s founded as a Christian nation. Religion should always be left up to the individual and not be forced up on the masses, because it just may end up that your version is not the version you are stuck with.

The reason this country IS great is because we can have debates such as these. All I ask is base the argument on fact and not the nonsense that Fox News or MSNBC for that matter spews at you. Read a newspaper. Or a magazine. Surf the Internet. Form an opinion then question that opinion. “I don’t like the man is not an answer.” George Bush was a very likable fellow. A pretty lousy president but I’m pretty damn sure he’d be fun to have a beer with.

5th Grade Teacher:  NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT FOLKS. And, Jeff, you’re awesome with your FACTS…some folks will never listen to you but at least you’ve got it goin’ on! …

Brandy: it would be just fine with you if the queers, the muslims and the niggers ran our whole country forever,…would’nt you!!!it’s dumb ass,old money dems and libs like you that have pointed our youth towards the gates of hell and sent them on their way.

Maddog: Wow. Don’t keep anything back there Ms. Brandy.

Let’s start with a little known document called The Declaration of Independence. Quoting “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” What it does not say is this, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all white Christian men are created equal. It’s comments like yours that embarrass me when I tell people I’m from Kentucky. How can such a beautiful state breed such hatred and contempt for mankind.

I will say this, the country might be a lot better off if the queers (it was nice you didn’t call me a fag) the muslims (it was nice that you didn’t call them sand niggers) and niggers (there’s very little that’s nice in that term) did run this country. I find it interesting that you didn’t include women in the statement. There is a whole group of men out there who would be happy if women were at home barefoot and pregnant. Might as well throw in the Jews while we are at it, and god knows the Mexicans are ruining our country. 

The white supposedly Christian men that have been running this country have done a pretty good job of running it into the ground. A black man did not get us into Vietnam. A muslim did not start the civil war. A queer did not drop the first nuclear bomb. In fact 90% of the issues with this country have been created by white men. Who do you think ruined the economy. Who do you think got us into the wars that we are in. Yes, we have men dying but the question you really need to ask is why? Because George Bush hated Saddam Hussein? There is still very little evidence that the Iraqi people or the US for that matter are any better off now that he’s not in power. In fact research has shown that it has made the middle east far less stable because there is no one group in power there now. Who do you think has created the disaster that is our healthcare industry. White, mostly Christian men.

Now think about this. The only people that will sit idly by and listen to the ignorant bigoted rhetoric that you are spewing forth are other ignorant bigoted people. Almost every study out there shows that people who are better educated are less likely to be prejudiced. They are almost always more forgiving of people. They are almost always more sympathetic to the needs of others. I can’t say I’ve never met an educated bigot, but I can say this, almost all of the bigots I have met are barely high school graduates if at all and have never travelled more than a few hundred miles from their home state. When was the last time you left Kentucky and ventured into Europe? South America? Africa? It’s my guess that if you saw that the world outside of Kentucky is beautiful and amazing you might be a little more tolerant of the people around you. There are so many wonderful people in the world that you are excluding from your life because of your narrow view of the world.

And because education is fun I did a little research tonight. Seems your last name is Welsh. And if you do a little investigating they are not always looked on so fondly in England. About a year ago a journalist called the Welsh “”loquacious, dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls.” This is a good one too, “”The Welsh have never made any significant contribution to any branch of knowledge, culture or entertainment. They have no architecture, no gastronomic tradition, no literature worthy of the name.” And well according to you anyone of a certain descent fits into one mode, ie. all blacks are the same, all muslims are the same then it goes to figure using your method of discrimination that anyone that is Welsh must fit this description and therefore anyone with your last name must therefore be described accordingly. I know this is bullshit because I’ve known people with your last name as long as I’ve been alive and most (but clearly not all) are wonderful people. So remember when you start name calling and throwing around insults it doesn’t take long for an educated person to find a way to throw it back in your direction.

I hope someday you are able to open your mind to all the amazing people that you are not allowing into your life because of your bigotry. I will say a little prayer tonight, and I’m not religious, that should you have children they learn very quickly that there is life outside Kentucky, that they don’t have to believe everything they’ve been taught by their families and that they are able to forgive you for teaching them hate as a family value.


One thought on “Facebook Conversations…

  1. Sarah October 13, 2009 / 09:50

    Initially, Brandi couldn’t find the words to explain why she “…dont like obama and i dont need to say why this speaks for itself.”

    Yet after your first comment she found the one word that perfectly explained her hatred of our current president.

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