Maddog’s Ramblings…

I’m not even sure what to say tonight.  It’s not often that I don’t have something to say.  As you know I have an opinion on just about everything.

Let’s see.

I didn’t hear back from Ronnie.  I didn’t expect to really.  Of course I hit reply all so it wouldn’t have surprised me if someone I didn’t know that he sent it to, would have replied.

Do not decide once you get the bill that the service was bad because a 20 percent tip is going to be 30 dollars.  Tonight I had a table tell me that they were figuring out what to tip me, but they were a little concerned because I hadn’t been very attentive.  I didn’t even know what to say, so I just walked away.  Here’s how attentive I wasn’t.  They were from Canada.  The woman on the left’s name was Diane.  The woman on the right’s name was Jackie.  Her husband called her the “Little Trouble Maker.”  I was so inattentive that they each got three drinks in the hour they were at my table.  If you are going to complain about me, then do it before I drop the check, when I’ve actually done something wrong.  Not after the fact.

Don’t get upset with me when you point to an item on the menu and I bring it to you.  That’ my job.  I can’t really know that you meant to point at a different item on the menu.

Don’t yell at me in a foreign language.  I don’t understand you and it just means that I’m going to ignore you for the rest of the meal.

Adam and I are in apartment hell right now.  I’ll fill you in tomorrow with photos.  Let’s just say that our management company told Adam today that his job was not to “manage” our appointment with the plumber, the delivery man, the carpenter and the super.  I just gave my dictionary away.  Perhaps someone out there in Internet land can tell me the definition of “manage.”

Did you know it’s next to impossible in NYC to donate goods to a charity.  In a city of 8 million people I’ve only found three organizations that will come and pick up stuff.  Housing Works is a great organization but they are upscale.  They will only come and get “real” furniture.  The other two charities I don’t like but I figure it’s better than throwing the stuff away.  The Salvation Army (doesn’t like gays) will come and pick up the stuff.  In November.  And Catholic Charities won’t come pick up the stuff because it’s on the third floor.  Clearly the recipients of their charity only get help if it’s easy.  I now have 13 bags of clothing, all name brand some of which has never been worn that I don’t know what to do with.  I have a truck full of furniture I have no idea what to do with it.  And I’m moving on Sunday and I need it all to go away by then.  Any suggestions?

Did I mention that I was moving on Sunday?

Did everyone out there hear that “All porn makes you gay?”  Yeah.  It’s true.  I read it on the Internet.  Actually Micheal Schwartz, chief of staff for Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said it at the Focus on the Family, Values Voters Summit.  I’ve pondered this for two days since reading about it.  According to Blazing Grace in 2002, 1 in 4 people admitted to seeing a porn movie in the last year.  And that’s only the ones who admitted it.  And a movie is very different than viewing porn on say X-Tube, or Manhunt, or any of the other sites that one can see porn.  Not that I would know anything about this.  So if I’m following all this correctly 25% of the population was gay in 2002.  Clearly we are every where.  As someone posted on one site, if everyone who looked at porn was gay there would not need to be a fight for gay rights.  Everyone you know would BE gay.  We’d be the majority and it wouldn’t be an issue.

Now I must go to sleep.  The plumber is coming at 9:00.  I have to spend the day packing.  And it’s 4:30 and my boyfriend is asleep in the next room and as much as I like all of you, I’d much rather be snuggling with him.

Oh dear.  Oh dear.  Oh dear.  I just checked out Blazing Grace as I was starting to close it.  It’s a font of information.  You can be cured from your sexual addiction through the love of our savior Jesus Christ.  You can also be cured of your attraction to the boy down the street.  If you are a boy that is.  You will learn the dangers of masturbation and how it “robs the wife of himself.”  My favorite is comparing Gollum’s love of the ring in Lord of the Rings to Man’s need to masturbate.   How can you not laugh out loud when you read on a website, that’s trying to be serious, “Like Gollum, I was blind to what my precious was doing to me.”  I rest my case.  Go check it out.  You’ll be cured, before porn makes you gay.  PS.  Based on what I read, you girls have no need to masturbate, look at porn or be attracted to the girl down the street.  What boring lives you lead.


3 thoughts on “Maddog’s Ramblings…

  1. Sarah September 24, 2009 / 07:30

    Wasn’t the source for that speaker’s information a friend who had been in the “gay lifestyle” for some time? Would a closeted gay man saying that about porn just mean he got hot seeing the men in porn? And wouldn’t that mean he wasn’t making a lifestyle choice but was wired to be attracted to men? Just a thought.

  2. the cajun September 24, 2009 / 17:13

    I was advised to pay you a visit by Lemuel at Greedy Maelstrom to read your rants and experiences. See, I have recently become a part of the restaurant business – as the lunchtime host of a very popular place here in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and they have been useful to me in following the experiences of our servers and customers. We’re a summer beach resort and get all kinds of crazies in season. I have experienced scenes here that I had not witnessed when I was a waiter in NYC in college.

    Just wanted to say thanks and that your posts enlighten and infuriate me no end.

    Good luck with the move.

  3. javabear September 27, 2009 / 00:36

    I just looked at the Blazing Grace website. Wow. It looks like that guy is still obsessed with sex, but he’s transferring the urge to masturbate, etc., into lecturing others about the evils of sex outside the narrow bounds of acceptability as he defines it.

    One thing I’ve discovered: if you don’t think masturbation is wrong, you won’t feel shame or remorse when you do it. Easy-peasy.

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