Wedding Day Part 1


We are at the wedding sight.

We have our list in hand.

We have our Diet Coke and coffee.

We open the door and go.

We go in we see that the staff has set up the tables for dinner.  Napkins etc are all in place.  Of course the first thing I see is that they haven’t been very careful about doing it.  I don’t think you need to get out a ruler but a little eyeballing of things would have been nice.  Mental note:  fix all of this before the wedding starts.

Side Note:  I’m eating baby yellow cake that my boyfriend made for me tonight.  It was baked in a ramekin.  It was the left over batter he used for my mom’s birthday cake.  Did I mention that my boyfriend is making my mom’s birthday cake?  From scratch.  How incredible is he???

Back to the wedding:

Adam gets to work on the cake.  He has all the parts and pieces for the wedding cake.  Now he just has to assemble it all.  I get him set up in the kitchen and I take the car back down the hill to get the flowers for the reception.  I once again have my huge container with water and I load the car back up with flowers and head back up the hill.  I get there, unload the flowers into the entrance.

Now I have to start my list:

Here’s what I had to do:

Get all the tables set for dinner.  Before I can even start to straighten up the tables I have to get everything on them that has to go on them.  The menu, the jars of jam that the mother has made for all the guest, the candles, etc.  They were expecting about 50 people at the wedding (although it turned out to be more and they had to add a table that upset the balance of things.  At least that’s what I thought, but no one was asking me).

Arrange the cupcakes on the cupcake tower.


While I was getting the flowers Adam had iced all the cupcakes.  Now, I had to add sugar flowers that he’d made and brought with us to the tops of each of the cupcakes and then try to figure out how to get them all on the cupcake tower.  You can see my arrangement.  On top is the wedding cake that Adam made for them.  He was putting this together while I was doing the tower.

Now…I had to hang paper lanterns in the entrance to the reception hall.  The wedding was at 4:30 and dinner was supposed to start around 6:30 or so.  Adam and I felt that since much of the reception was going to be held at sunset and into the night and since the outside patio was going to be used just as much as the interior of the hall that we should treat it as part of the space.  So he’d ordered an variety of different sizes of paper lanterns and I created a sculpture on the front patio.  It sounds easier than it actually is.  The one good thing was that the lanterns were ordered with battery operated LED lights, so there was no need to run electric cords.

Then I had to arrange all the name cards.  The bride had seen on some Martha Stewart show a way to do place cards with corks as holders.  You basically hot glue three corks together and then cut a slot into the top of one of the corks.  Then the place card slips into the slot.  Very clever don’t you think??wine cork placecard holder

This is an image I found online.  So I had to take all the place cards that Adam had hand lettered last night and put them into the corks and then alphabetize them and then make them look pretty on the table.  The table also was being used for gifts and guest book so I had to make sure that it did everything it was supposed to do and to look pretty.

I have to check the lighting that I put in place yesterday, get Adam’s approval and then make it all look pretty.  The cords had to be taped and dressed so it didn’t look like an electrician was getting married.

I had to dress up the table with the cake.  A bunch of old photographs had been brought in of the bride and grooms parents on their wedding days and they were on display.  This might sound silly except for the fact that both sets of parents had been married for over 40 years each.

By now Adam has finished with the wedding cake.  Unfortunately, because everything was being rushed he sort of screwed up the back of the cake.  So he had to finesse it so that it didn’t look awful.  His words not mine.  I think it looked great, but he’s a perfectionist so one bump in the fondant and the whole cake is ruined.  What the oops with the cake really did was put him in a bad mood.  Baking the cake, decorating it, and making it pretty was his “official” gift to Kara and now that it didn’t turn out the way he wanted he was NOT happy.  Guess who spent the next three hours telling him it was okay…that no one would notice, it was only something he could see, and that if he hadn’t had to plan the whole wedding he could have actually taken his time and done it right.

And so now he’s arranging flowers.  There is one very simple but big arrangement of hydrangeas in the center of each table.  Simple, but there are 12 of them.  Six tables, three for the bar, one for the bathroom, one for the back of the bar, and one that didn’t happen because he broke the first vase he filled with water.  Whoops number two.  That being said, it takes more than a couple of minutes to make this happen.  As he arranges I take all the arrangements from the night before and get them placed on the outside tables.  I throw candles on the tables and make sure they have been wiped down.

Now Adam is finishing up the first arrangements so I start taking them to the tables and making sure they are placed in the center of the table and turned correctly.  He’s informed me of this as he’s arranged them.  I also tell him that although he’s making three arrangements for the bar he needs a big, tall arrangement for the space behind the bar in the center of the arch.  He doesn’t like that I’ve told him this, but he agrees totally.  (Luckily as it turned out we had PLENTY of flowers).

I start to look for a vase.

As I write this out it doesn’t seem like we had a lot to do, but our day was disappearing fast and we were no where close to being ready.

He’s still arranging and I start putting together luminaries.  Because the reception is going well into the night we thought it would be beautiful to have luminaries light the walk from the reception back to the Inn.  So I have the task or filling 100 bags with sand (We’d bought 50 pounds thinking it would be enough.  We ran out of sand before we ran out of bags) and dropping candles in to them.  This takes FAR longer than you’d think.  I felt like I was at it for hours and hours and hours.

At one point someone brings me a Diet Coke.  I go into to use the bathroom and some one has brought us Subway.  About an hour later someone stops by to bring us cheeseburgers.  We are being taken care of, but…we wouldn’t need to be taken care of if any of them had offered to help.  I get tired of saying it’s no problem to the millions of people that seemed to walk by to tell us how great everything is and how wonderful it was that we were doing all of this.  UGH!!!

I digress.

Eventually Adam finishes his flowers, and comes out to help.  We argue over the spacing of the luminaries.  I say close.  He says far apart.  We compromise and do it his way.

At 3:00 we run out of sand.

I go in and take a quick look around.  By now the tables have all been loaded down with glassware and plate ware so there is no way to do any kind of a quick fix.  We’ll just have to let it go.  By now we’ve also heard that they are adding a table so the small flower arrangement from the bathroom is spruced up to go on the small table in the back.


Some one took the picture after dinner had started but this is the arrangement.  The menu card was designed by Adam and was light blue paper on chocolate brown paper.  You can see the little fucking holes and the ribbon I had to tie in a little bow.  You can also see the little jam jars that were given to everyone by the mother of the bride.  Just for the record we had her strawberry jam this morning and it was Awesome in a word.


This is after the wedding with the bride and groom on the way to the reception.  You can see my paper lantern sculpture in the back and my row of luminaries.  The photo doesn’t do the site justice.  It was beautiful and everything was in full bloom.

It’s 3:15.  We have an hour to get home, shower, iron clothes and get back for the wedding.

As we are making our quick once over before we leave I run into Bethany.  She’s actually been great all day, getting us things that we need and being very helpful.  By now they are setting up the bar for the reception and I ask, very politely what the chance was of getting two beers to take with us back to the hotel.  In a jiff I have two Coronas and we are on our way.

We get back to the hotel crack open the bottles of beer and toast to getting everything done.  Adam actually drinks the beer and he HATES beer.  We make ourselves pretty and head back to the wedding.  As we are driving back there is about a mile back up on the road toward our hotel.  We both say a little prayer of thanks that we hadn’t been caught in that.

We get back to the Inn at 4:15.  Yes we were fast.

The weather is beautiful.  They are serving iced tea and lemonade out on the lawn.  The chairs have all been put in place, the flowers on the arbor have all been arranged by the florist down the street, and everything is ready to go for the wedding that starts at 4:30.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

And we wait.

Finally at 5:30 the guitarist is signaled that everything is ready to go.

The ceremony tomorrow.

At 3:`


3 thoughts on “Wedding Day Part 1

  1. Lemuel September 8, 2009 / 05:38

    I have been enjoying the series, but after my weekend it is the more fascinating since I attended the reception for my son’s wedding. I love that you were able to share some pictures of the work that you and Adam did.

  2. Peter September 8, 2009 / 18:32

    Boys, yes you J & A! What a delight reading about this wedding, thanks for sharing.

  3. Urspo September 8, 2009 / 23:18

    Oh my goodness is that tiring. You two must be exhausted. Why do brides insist on all that? It sounds all too much.
    However, you two did a fabulous job. I hope they are appreciative!

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