Maddog’s Soapbox.

I love Facebook.  It’s put me in touch with a lot of people from my past.  It’s also made me realize why I might have left them behind in the first place.  I’ve been reading everyone’s opinion on Obama and healthcare for the last hour.  I’d planned to write more about California, but I don’t think I can muster up the energy.

I do know that as I read Facebook updates, my friends in the middle of the country seem far more conservative than my friends on the coast.  I also find it interesting that the ones who consider themselves Christian are anti-Obama and anti-healthcare reform.  Hmmm.  Makes a girl wonder.

So here’s the deal.

Obama is the fucking president of the United States.  We voted him in.  I say we because a general election was held using the guidelines for the election set up by our founding fathers.  The election was held and the majority of our country decided he should be president.  End of story.

Or it should be.

There are still some crackpots out there who believe he was not born in the US.  They want to see his birth certificate.  And all I want to know is when the last time a sitting president was asked to show his birth certificate.  If he were not black with the middle name Hussein,  none of this would ever be an issue.  I’m just saying.

As for whether he should be allowed to publicly address school kids across America.  He’s the fucking president.  Of course he should.  Do we really think this is going to be a partisan speech?  Really?  Let’s not kid ourselves.  And whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he’s living the American dream that we’ve been told about all our lives.  A black kid, born to a white mother, who died and left him in the care of his grandparents, who then went on to Columbia and Harvard, became a state senator, a US senator and now President of the US.  Can you really say that his credentials aren’t there.

My favorite tonight were the comments saying, “No one should be allowed to talk to my kids unless I say that it’s okay to do so. I get to decide when my kids are spoken to and by whom.”  They probably didn’t say “whom”.   They are living in some ridiculous world that doesn’t even exist.   The truth is, your kids are being spoken to everyday by less respectable people than Barack Obama.  Unless you happen to live in Pennsylvania with no TV, radio or newspapers then your kids are being bombarded with messages everyday.  They hear from people like Britney and Miley.  We let them watch Big Brother and Survivor.  We let Hollywood teach them that unless you are a size 2 with no body fat you have no self worth.  We let teen magazines teach them that if they don’t have the latest “fashion” accessory then they aren’t part of the in crowd.  We let them have total access to the Internet.  So just to recap, if a girl who’s a teen sensation who got married for 3.2 seconds in Vegas, had two kids, went crazy, appeared on MTV, shaved her head and is probably still insane wants to talk to your kids…that’s okay.  If the President of the US wants to talk to your kids about why it’s important to stay in school so you don’t end up being married for 3.2 seconds, with two kids, bald and crazy…that’s bad.  So my proposal is this…why don’t we let bubba from down to the Walmart* speak to our kids on national television.  Let him talk about his success as a greeter and how he’s been promoted to women’s jewelry.  He can explain in depth the benefits he receives, like the 10% discount on merchandise but no insurance, retirement or vacation.  He can extoll on things like how much a waste of time a high school education is.  Because that would be much better than letting an educated black man come your home and talk to your children.

*Actually my relatives without high school diplomas can’t even get hired at Walmart.  They are all using the system and none of them have any plans of doing anything better with their lives.  My favorite is my cousin who quit high school because he was “too” smart for school.  He’s had at least five jobs this year.  None of them are good enough for him.  He crashed on my mom’s couch for four months because he couldn’t find work.  Of course this is a man who will stand on a soap box about how “The Mexicans” are taking all the good jobs, but won’t work at McDonald’s because it’s beneath him.  He’d rather take money from an old woman than get a job.

I’m still on my soap box.  Just sit tight.

As for health care reform.

The current system sucks.

Let me repeat that.

The current system sucks.

I have insurance and the current sucks.

I’d had insurance for 23 days when I broke my ankle last summer.  In all it cost me over 1,000 dollars on top of my insurance payments.  I just got another bill a month ago or so from someone in Iowa wanting more money.  Adam has to pay over 500 dollars a month out of pocket for his insurance…through his company.  It’s either that or be uninsured.  We are both in jobs that we hate but that we stick with because losing them means losing our health insurance.  And god forbid anything serious really happen.  We’d both end up bankrupt because the limits on my insurance would top out pretty quickly.

As for this idea that “healthcare is a privilege not a right.”  I’d be willing to bet that they people that say this have never been poor a day in their life.  I bet they never had a mother who worked two jobs to feed them.  A mother who prayed every night that nothing more than a cold would happen because there was no money for anything more serious.

As far as I’m concerned, why don’t we just kill the poor and the weak and get it over with.  If you are too poor to have health insurance then fuck you.  You might as well be dead.  And if you have a terminal disease why should anyone spend money trying to save you.  You’re just going to die any way.  What scares me is that I’ve seen this sort of rhetoric posted.  Following that argument would lead me to believe that we should abolish healthcare all together.  Unless someone knows something more than me, we are all going to die eventually.  Let nature take it’s course and just get it over with.

And here’s what I propose to those who believe that the current system is working.

I think we should lay them off from their job.  Perhaps they worked for the auto industry for 20 years and have just been laid off.

Now let’s charge them 500 bucks a month for cobra…per person.  My guess is that at some point they’d choose a roof over their head and hope for the best with insurance.

And now for good measure let’s give their five year old cancer.

It’s my guess, and I may be wrong here, but it’s my guess that they’d be changing their mind real quick about this “healthcare being a privilege not a right.”  And this whole idea that the current system works.  And that private insurance is the way to go.  And it would be my guess that they’d realize that the “public” option is far better than no option at all.

And for today.

I will pray that myself and my friends (even the ones I don’t like) stay healthy.  Because all it takes is one little accident and your whole world as you know it will come crashing down around you.

I’m stepping off my soap box now.


5 thoughts on “Maddog’s Soapbox.

  1. Lemuel September 5, 2009 / 06:41

    I am finding very difficult to disagree with a single thing that you posted. You are absolutely correct. Somehow those of us with some level of sanity left, some level of education, some level of sense must convince those in charge (read: Congress) that the crazies – though loud and thrashing – are not.

  2. Urspo September 5, 2009 / 09:56

    that was good reading.
    you did a fine job summarizing a lot of matters.

  3. Tod September 5, 2009 / 11:41

    Nice post!! All valid and very true points, I just don’t understand why if it’s so clear to you and I why the hell is it so difficult for everyone else to see!!

  4. Sarah September 5, 2009 / 13:27

    FB has been hot on health insurance reform lately. Have seen some crazy riffing on the topic myself.

    Here’s a little national health insurance story:

    At 5AM, I was on the phone with a Telehealth Ontario nurse describing the symptoms of one of my household. After a discussion of the symptoms, I was advised to go to a free clinic as soon as it opens. At 10AM, we were 8th in line at the hospital’s free clinic. It probably took 45 to an hour to see the doctor. Got our diagnosis, got instructions on how to treat at home and left without a bill. We were told if we can’t take care of this at home, to come back for a two day hospital stay that will cost a whopping $0.00. Which really rocks because that’s about as much as we’re bringing in these days.

    Next week I should be back to regular posting and will continue my health insurance reform rant.

  5. Java September 5, 2009 / 17:38

    It feels like the country is undergoing meiosis. The population is polarizing, preparing for a split into two different cells. There are a lot of issues about which the people disagree.

    I especially like your argument for Obama to publicly address the school children.

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