California, Day Four Continued.

Are you guys bored with my trip to California yet?  I’d probably have moved on to something else but I really think Adam wants to get my take son the first part of the trip.


We sit.  And eat.  And each have two glasses of wine.  And we chat with the people around us.  The brother in law of the groom.  The hot husband of the bride’s good friend from home who’s children are the flower girls.

And the minister.

Oh.  My.

Oh.  My.

Oh.  My.

He is a post in and of his own.  It will follow the series.  Let’s just say alcoholic, ladies man who has no sense of decorum at all.  As the mother of the groom said, “I’d tell you what I think of him, but I’m a Christian.”

So we sit through the toasts.  Including the sexually inappropriate joke told by the minister in front of the kids.

We eat great Italian food.

We laugh.

We sit there.

Whispering to each other that it’s time to go.  These people need to get the fuck out of here so we can get back to work.

And finally everyone starts picking up and leaving.  We hang out till almost everyone is gone.  Then we box up the arrangements, they are being used again tomorrow on the tables on the patio at the reception.  And then as everyone else is leaving I sneak back in and give the waiter 10 extra dollars.  The service was great and it’s always nice when you get a little more than you were expecting.

So it’s now about 10:00 or so.

We walk the flowers up the hill to the reception hall.

We get in our car and tell Sissy to direct us home.

Actually we tell Sissy to tell us how to get back to Burger King.  We have a long night in front of us and I need a King Size Diet Coke to get me through the next couple of hours.

Then we go back to the hotel.


We get started.

I continue threading the ribbon through the holes in both the menus and the programs.  I think I’ve already mentioned that I’m not good at tedious things.  I’m using a toothpick with the end broken off to get the ribbon through.  Oh, and did I mention the holes are not regulation sized holes.  They are these super small holes that Adam punched with the hole punch that he special ordered for the occasion.  Once I’ve gotten the ribbons through the holes, I start tying them in little bows.  This is even more tedious.  If he didn’t know I loved him before he certainly knows now.  This is the kind of activity that causes me to throw things across the room.  But I sat there, and calmly pushed the ribbon through the hole, and tied the bow.


My boyfriend is hand lettering ALL of the place cards for the reception the next night.  That’s right.  I said hand lettering.  AND THEN.  He adds to the card a swirling  ink stamp that he bought.  One kind for the women.  One kind for the men.  I was going to post a picture of these things but Facebook isn’t cooperating.

So now it’s after 1:00 a.m.

We are tired.

And sweaty.

And a little bit cranky.

It’s the end of day four.

We shower.

Crawl into bed.

Turn off the light.  (Sort of.  I have a whole post about the hotel room).

Hold each other for about ten seconds.

Roll over.


Go to Sleep.

It’s the end of day four.  In 24 hours everything we’ve been working for will be done.  But unfortunately we’ve got about 36 hours worth of chores to do before we get there.

One thought on “California, Day Four Continued.

  1. Java September 5, 2009 / 17:48

    I am nowhere near bored of the California trip. I have amazing staying power for this sort of thing.

    You guys needed more people to help you with some of the mundane detail things. I would love to have threaded and tied the ribbon. It’s my thing. Too bad you didn’t have a few extra hands for this job.

    I’m waiting eagerly but patiently for the report of the next day.

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